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Slam too strong or its synergies too weak

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Hello guys,

This is about the seasonal realms primarily.

This season i am playing a dual wield melee character. My main abilities are Bloodthirst, Slam and mortal strike. I am also spamming cleave permanently.

Lets compare the investment between using synergies and only spamming slam aswell as the damage

Let's look at the talent point investment for the synergies. Mortal strike + improved mortal strike, improved slam, Bloodthirst, blood surge and unending fury. 

That makes 13 talent points.

When only spamming slam you need unending fury and improved slam. 

That makes 5 talent points. So you gain 8 talent points.

Now the problem is that the dps from using slam only is higher or equal to that with the synergies without even investing  the 8 talent points.

I will provide logs when I am back home aswell as link my build.

I want to ask the devs if they think that this is acceptable. I think it is not for several reasons.

1. The talent point investment is way lower 

2. It is much easier to play(1 button vs 3 + having to watch stacks and a proc)

3. It is much easier to get. All you need is a skill card for slam and you are set. When you want to play with synergies you have to get either mortal strike or Bloodthirst via RNG because single minded fury is required.

Just as a side note I have also tested this with rend/overpower but the difference is even worse.

I would like to hear all of your opinions on this.

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Currently slam spam is the best SMF build, MS and OP builds are meant for 2H builds as rend dosn't scale well with DW. Slam is also not normalized like the other 2 are which means it works better with slower weapons. If im not mistaken the best slam build stacks armor pen and OH damage spams slam and uses execute for more haste through legendary to also buff cleave and/or heroic strikes. 
in other words different talents have different scalings based on what weapons you're using. If MS or OP talents were buffed to compensate to be comparable to slam for DW then it would make 2h MS/OP too strong. Some abilities work well together others do not, it's just how it is.

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I have to disagree with a lot of your points.

Slam overpower and Mortal Strike all scale with Weapon Damage and single minded fury makes them all hit with both weapons so saying that 2h weapons are just better for those kind of builds is wrong I think.

And since they all scale with weapon damage and single minded fury affects all of those, buffing them would affect 2handers just as much as dual wield builds.

Also I am not primarily talking about slam/rend/overpower/mortal strike but slam/Bloodthirst/mortal strike. Bloodthirst scales with attack power only so it does not matter at all if you're using a 2h vs dw.

My main point is that the investment in slam is super low but the gain super high. All the talents that provide synergy to allow slam to act as a catalyst just are not worth the investment which begs the question why these even exist in the first place because you invest in something to essentially become weaker 


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