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Project Ascension, why doesn't it have more people???

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As title said. Why doesn't Project Ascension have more players? It's really fun to play with all class abilities and the content is also tuned to work with that idea.

Is the classless wow hated by most people or what? What's turning people off about it?fedloan irs.gov easybib

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Fun for one side. Boring/uninteresting/not prioritized for others. Every individual has their reason.

For some it might be the controversial shop, balance direction, content flow - anything, really.

As somebody who used to play for long, it is the feel of a missing commitment or meaning; Andorhal used to be x1, maybe effectively x2 some time later (mobs in the world are very easy here, especially with classless). The endless strife to making something work, only to figure out it for whatever reason does not, or the thoughts about XY abilities and spells working, but Z implication is in the way. Lots of balance stuff happened for a reason, although in the process it inevitably hurts other aspects.

An example would be Bladestorm/Whirlwind and Killing Spree no longer triggering weapon enhancements or similar effects, which has the potential to leave a lot of dual wielding opportunities uninteresting (especially poisons in that regard), and most of those playstyles are entertaining as hell, but the lack of gratification from using double attack killmoves just has a likelihood of throwing you off.

The list is endless. Any community could ask itself why it does not get more attention.

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