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Exploiter Ban - 11/22

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We received a report of an exploit that allowed players to receive transmog tokens for free through the launcher. The exploit was fixed and we were able to track the players who abused and remove the exploited runes and bazaar tokens from players they traded or mailed them to, as well as banning the exploiters.

Here are the details:

1. It was really contained
    a. It was a total of 5 players over 7 accounts.
    b. here is less than 1,000 Tmog runes now split up between 50,000 weekly players in the the world now. 

    c. Since this was such a minor incident, if you have TMOG runes or Bazaar tokens at this time you have nothing to worry about, your runes will not be removed and they are legitimate. 

2. Not a traditional dupe
    a. we were able to see who got Tmog Runes and Bazaar tokens for free.
    b.  They could NOT get anything that wasn't those 2 currencies and since they were a specific shop item, 
        we could see who got it and where it went afterwards.



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