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Metamorphosis build help

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Hello everyone! I loved playing WoW but I stopped playing at the beginning of Legion due to loss of interest. I recently saw an ad on facebook for this server and once i saw “classless” I knew I had to start playing. So far it has been really fun and I have gotten a few friends to start playing as well. One thing that I have always wanted to do was make a Metamorphosis Tank build. Are there any tips on abilities or talents that any of you can suggest? I don’t mind if this build won’t be very Viable. It’s just something I have always dreamed of doing. I would say my main goal for the game right now would be PVE.

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Metamorphosis grants a 1.3x bonus to armor from cloth, a general 0.2x damage bonus, minor chance to ignore crits, 1/2 the time stunned or snared, and seems to only let you use warlock and Feral druid abilities along with the demon powers.

Given the latter restriction, you'll probably want to bear tank and pop Meta for the damage boost and demon powers. Bear is only going to take up so much ability essence, so use up the rest on buffs and passives since most other abilities will drop you out of Bear form. Demon Skin for helping your healer's efficiency, Seal of Command + Righteous Fury (and its talents) for extra group threat management and mitigation, aspect of the dragonhawk for dodge bonus, pump AC with devotion aura obviously with it's talent improvements, Windfury + warrior sword spec (+maybe rogue sword spec), two hand weapon mastery + battle stance, Deep Wounds + Blood Craze. 

It's a shame more active abilities can't be used in Feral forms, since other tanks can branch out, but the restriction also narrows your focus which might be a good thing for a starting build. Make sure to check how Metamorphosis interacts with your forms, as I'm not certain on that and you don't want to be dropped back into your humanoid form after 30 seconds in the middle of a pull.


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Metamorphosis tank was doable in the past but it was never a viable tank option. After several changes to Random Enchants its no longer possible to reach 100% uptime on Metamorphosis and since than you cant make a tank build from it annymore.

You also cant mix Metamorphosis into other tanking builds cause while its up you are only alowed to use warlock spells, using anny other class spell will immediatly throw you out of Metamorphosis.

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