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Dear Dev's

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Dear people,

This is awesome game, i played this crappy game for 10+ years and found all bugs on six servers and this is the best server for a non retail wow. Why does not /who 60 , /who org for example not working?

What is the best populated late game server, because ill log during night. This new server Season 4? Writing here cose no1 will probably read tickets as usual. :)  GG Can we stream this on Twitch?

Strahinja Ajduk, Ajkulica

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/who is disdabled so you cant stalck people and hunt them down to gank them.

No one knows exact numbers. Only thing we know is that Darkmmon has the highest pop currently, followed by Andorhal and that Andorhaly got 5x pop of Laughthing Skull.

Yes you can stream on Twitch. Its your own risk to stream p-server (against Twitch`s terms of use). From Ascension`s side there is no ban.

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