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How do we save Andorhal?

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It's no secret Andorhal is dying a slow, painful death. With WoW Classic just releasing and season 4 still pretty new, we are at an all time low population even with the realm merge. From spending hours sitting in que  to do the daily RDF (IF you can even get it to work since it's bugged to hell and back) to most guilds only doing 1 or 2 raids a week, IF that. We are losing Andorhal, and soon Ascension, if we can't fix the issues or get more people to play.

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Problem is the dev's don't really care about andorhal, we've seen it many times where the community managers and other staffs have said them selves that they'd rather focus on seasonal players over main realm players because they're a bigger crowed, and look what happened most of the seasonal players have left for classic and a lot of the veteran players have left too because we got tired of being either ignored for months on end. (Think it's like 5-7 months between balance patches for main realms) nothing we can really do to save the ascension. people are just tired of dealing with broken promisses and massive content delays. (ya I know naxx is being release but every wing is more or less broken at start and at this point most players just tired of how the staff deals with anything that's not the seasonal realm)

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Had the devs actually cared about doing something good for ascension, and focused on better communication with there player base which isn't a turist (seasonal), this could have been reverted but since we dont have a communication manager anymore just a seasonal manager this will never happen. I would suggest that he either steps up his game or get replaced.  

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