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Can't log in (tried to enter Twisting Nether server)

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I have an issue loging in, you see, i was browsing the server options, and tried to log in into the one called "Twisting Nether", and now when i try to log in it says ""Oops, you don't have access to this realm..." and it just doesn't let me switch realms, no matter what i do, i even deleted the whole game, copied from my bronther's computer, and it still tried to log in Twisting Nether as its 1st option...

¿What can i do?

Thanks in advance

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Option 1. hit escape when the "Connecting" window pops up. That should kik you back into the Realmlist.

Option 2. go to: Client 3.3.5a -> WTF Folder -> Config.wtf (open with anny reader, i use Notepad+) -> go to line 23 -> change that line to: 

SET realmName "Andorhal - No-Risk"

Safe and restart using the Exe.


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