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Would like some help saving this S**t show of a build

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Hey, so i have been having a lot of fun this season but my character has gotten so many bullshit wildcards.  I am melee heavy and was really hoping for something good like Overpower or WW and I swear i sat there at level 1 for an hour hoping to get a decent melee build WITH overpower but it just wasn't happening so i took the best that i could get and hoped to see it down the road.  I did manage to pick up rend, execute, sinister strike and heroic strike.  I was hoping some of you could help me salvage this.  I didn't include any of my talent choices but most of them are in the combat/arms tree with most of my damage coming from Rend and talents that improve it, Rupture and execute.  I'll probably hit 60 tonight and just want to know what i should spend my 5 ae on. And also, how to prioritize my stats.  I have pretty much been going 4 str/1 stam (because of high risk) since the get-go.  Thanks in advance!

didn't know how to link my build so I will do the in-game plugin one and the Discord one


Edit: forgot to add that I do have sweeping strikes

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