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Cat Form in season 4.

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Me and a friend decided to roll Cat form in season 4.

Our tactic for this was to level 1-26 using RAF.  We decided to stop at level 26 to get as many chances of getting cat abilities as possible since there are a few must-have abilities.

Altogether we leveled 1-26, 70 times, most of them with varying starting abilities (Nothing seems to affect the chance of getting Cat Form).

In 70 tries and 1120 chances (lvl 20, 22, 24 and 26) , we got Cat Form a total of 4 times (0.36%)

For a Cat build to work you need a spender such as Rip and/or Ferocious bite.

Of the four times we got cat we did not get any spenders while leveling to 60 and in two of the cases not even a combo point generator, making all the times we actually rolled Cat form essentially dead characters.

For Cat Form build to even be viable to obtain for an average player (someone who does not have 12 hours a day playing the game) the chances of actually getting Cat Form/ cat abilities must be incresed

My suggestion to the devs are either making Cat Form available at an earlier level (say level 10, or why not level 1) or simply increasing the chance of getting Cat Form or it's associated ablities.

Edit . 

I managed to get Skill card: Cat Form after doing dailies for skillcards every single day since launch. We leveled it up to 60, the only cat abillity i got was swipe. At 60 i bought Tome of Specialization II.


In conclusion: Cat Form Should get the same treatment as tanks got this season. As in increasing the chances of getting Cat abilities once you get Cat Form.

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