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tips for playing a caster

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In pvp I'm constantly interrupted , melee just has to run behind me as a spell goes off ranged just use all the cc in the game while i try to cast something. I feel like unless you go a insta cast caster with maaaaybe 1 or 2 second spells your gonna get fucked royally.  I guildy I played against in AB watched me get interrupted 4 times from 1 guy and then i had to use bubble to try to even fight....which just gets dispelled then its back to interrupting.  Not sure how to go outside of cookie cutter builds if insta cast hunter and melee builds are the only option to be viable.

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Posted (edited)

This will really depend on your spec so it's helpful to share your spec and what you're trying to cast, what's your rotation, etc.

Regarding melee getting behind you at the end of your cast - facing melee attackers is just something you have to learn to do consistently as a caster. If you think about it it's actually harder for them because they need to move which takes time, but rotating in place has no speed restriction - only your mouse speed.

Regarding what to cast - there's a good amount of insta cast/cc/defensives/heals available to casters. For cc shadowfury, death coil, psychic scream and possibly frost nova, fear, polymorph and nature's grasp. Being aware of your attacker's hand of freedom activation and cooldown can help you with kiting a lot as well. For mobility/while in stun - blink, travel form(or better ghost wolf with talent and REs), disengage/feather macro, thunderstorm, barkskin and dispersion. For heals/absorbs - PWS, ice barrier (great with RE to frost nova when broken), holy shock, riptide, penance.

For general strategies first I'd suggest to use range to your advantage and pick REs/talents that increase the range of your abilities - charge has 25yds range but frostbolt can have 38yds range, smite - 36yds. Also as a caster try not to be in the center of the battle - you can be just as effective from the periphery.

The rest of the issues probably depend on the specifics of your build but in general casters are in a good spot for pvp atm so it's about using what's available effectively.

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Posted (edited)

Caster 1v1 = Spell Haste > CC > Healing > Damage

By this is i mean..

33% base Haste min
Every DR group covered + more
around 30% of a healer core build in
with just enough damage to create a win condition.

Or just be a cheese ball and stack mitigation and sustain while a Felguard and some Dots does the work for you.

Times have changed with casters, only melee can afford too invest into heavy damage
atleast when it comes to competing in high tier 1v1s.

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