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When is Andorhal getting fixed?

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Seems like seasonal data base got copied over to Andorhal and that we have a lot of their features while some are disabled.

Spoils of War (loot boxes from dailies), loot got changed, now we normally just get a green as reward.
Daily quests, the seasonal event quests and invasion daily got introduced while the events to complete them are removed.
No-Risk buff shown for every player on the legacy realm.
Dungeon loot got introduced as a world drop for mobs.
You were able to avoid and block fierce blows, I was told this got fixed a few days after naxx release.
Solid chests (random spawn chests in the world), contains just a single item.

Could we get some feedback on this?

If there is anything I could add to the list comment about it and I'll try to actively update the post!

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And seriously. Why did Naxx get released at the same time as Season 4 started?

I get the feeling we on Andorhal are just going to have to suck it until any Season 4 issues on Darkmoon are resolved.


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Would like a fix on Maexxna asap. It sucks that she can bug out (arachnid out, ba dum tss) and stuck on ceiling, reachable but would be considered as abuse if we kill her. There is no way to get her down without GM's help, which is not reachable since all hands are on Darkmoon I'd assume.

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