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Spells do less damage to players

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Hey, I decided to look at how the game has developed after a long hiatus and I noticed this weird phenomenon. Asking about it in world chat obviously proved extremely unhelpful (given the vitriolic playerbase), so I thought I'd try here.

Why do most spells do less damage to players now? From what I remember, melee was the real problem and now this happened. I suppose just asking the question is grounds enough to ridicule or ban (I don't care about that happening) but please, I want a real answer for this.

That said, it's sad to see that everyone still stacks all the CC in the game and reduces the PvP to nothing more than "CC Wars".

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melee may were the problem, before it was hunter pets, now its Holy Caster and DoTs. Fix one create another monster. Thats why.

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