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Hunter Build/Guide - How to shoot things

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<toxic> has killed Kel'Thuzad on Andorhal. I includet my kill build in section 1 (once it is aproved haha :pepesad:).


Some facts about Naxxramas:

A lot of bosses were horrible overtuned or buged in a way they were not killabe. We alone spend 10+ hours bugtesting Thaddius.

I spend c.a 15K Gold for consumables and Ability/Talent changes.

Many bosses dont allow for Serpent Sting snapshotting so i had to dropt Improved Stings a lot and even switcht the RE to Carefull Aim for some bosses.

We spend a total of 161 attempts on Kel'Thuzad. We reached P3 the first time at attempt 111.

Kel'Thuzad is by far the hardest and at the same time best designed boss we have seen on Ascension.

The 4 Horsemen were the least buged boss. In fact, we didnt notice a single one, making the 4 Horsemen the most enjoyable of all fights before KT.

Gothik the Harvester was extremly broken on his first version and causes us the most trouble both on solutions to kill him and as a team.


With KT dead, we fully released our boss mod TBM to the open public. You can find a link to its discord in section 6.


We will go for farm now. I make a bigger updated once S5 balance change come up. I start working on TBC once its release comes close enougth.


TY for your feedback and support regarding this Guide!

Edited by Vedartha

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Season 5 brings a HUGE ammount of changes effecting this Guide.

I do not plan to update it before the changes hit Andorhal and LS but before it gets lost. here are all relevant patchnotes:



  • Totem spells no longer have an item requirement. Players no longer start with Totem of the Earthen Ring.
  • Crafted Items can now roll with random additional stats.
  • A New stat has been addet: PvE Power. Increasing damage dealt to NPCs and reduces damage taken from them.
  • A New stat has been addet: PvP Power. Increases damage dealt against other Player.
  • Base Resilience has been drasticly reduced.
  • A new Item Arctype has been addet: Bloodied Items: Bloodied Items are weaker versions of a normal item but grant Resilience and PvP Power. Almost all Items above lvl 50 have a bloodied version.
  • Rated Arena has been addet and with it hundreds of new items and enchants requiring Arena Points and Rating.
  • A new NPC has been addet: "Romus the Redeemer" can be found in Stormwind Keep left to the Throne Room, Grommash Hold next to Thrall and the Booty Bay inn. This NPC works like the badge vendors from TBC+ addons and allows you to exchange Raider's Commendation for Items from the various classic raids. To get access to his goods you needet the Achievements of the different raids. If you have killed Nefarian and with that got the BWL achievement, you are able to buy BWL items. For AQT C'thun kill is required and so on.
  • All Raidbosses now grant 2 Raider's Commendation upon death.
  • Implemeneted Bloody Jar item on Edrim Skysong allowing players to convert Soulbound items to Bloody versions

Talents and Abilities

  • Curse of Elements now increases the targets spell damage taken by 10%. (Earth and Moon remains unchanged.)
  • Wind Shear has had its cooldown inreased to 12 seconds, from 8. It now shares cooldown with other interrupts as intended.
  • Multi-shot is now a true instant ability and can now be cast while running.
  • Piercing Shots now also reduces periodic healing taken by 10/20/30%. This does not stack with other similar effects.
  • Scorpid Sting no longer reduces the targets hit chance, but instead reduces the targets armor and resistances. These effects do not stack with other similar debuffs.
  • Viper Sting duration increased to 12 seconds, up from 8 seconds. It now drains 2% maximum mana every 2 seconds, before it was 2% maximum mana every 1 second. (Overall effectiveness reduced by 25%)
  • Steady Shot is now castable while moving.
  • Steady Shot now does 5% reduced damage in pvp, before it had no modifier.
  • Explosive Shot ticks now deal damage to all enemies within 5 yards of the target.
  • Explosive Shot base damage and scaling increased by 5%.
  • Hunter sting stack limitation has been removed, meaning that one player can put several stings on the same target.
  • Chimera Shot - Scorpid Sting Disarm now lasts 5 seconds, reduced from 10 seconds.
  • Chimera Shot - Viper Sting now rewards 30% of the total amount drained, down from 60%.
  • Chimera Shot now triggers and refreshes all stings applied to the target.
  • Deterrence is now cancelled by disarm effects.
  • Blink has had its cooldown increased to 25 seconds, from 18.
  • Frost Trap, once triggered, now lasts for 20 seconds, down from 30 seconds and slows players by 40%, down from 50%.
  • A new talent has been addet: "Lone Wolf" replacing "Improved Tracking" in the Survival Hunter Tree. "Increases damage dealt by Auto Shot and Hunter abilities when you dont command a tamed beast or demon by 5/10%"
  • Hand of Salvation now lasts for 6 seconds, and in addition to reducing threat also attempts to dispel a harmful magic effect every 2 seconds.

Random Enchants

  • Firebrand Traps RE scaling increased to 3%, from 2%. Additionally, it procs from melee and ranged abilities instead of auto attacks and has a 1 second internal cooldown

Item Changes


  • Reworked all ZG trinkets.
  • Reworked all BWL trinkets.


  • Venomous Totem has been reworked to read: Use: Your melee and ranged attacks deal an additional {0.08 * Nsp + 0.08 * ap + 150} Nature damage for 10 sec (50% damage to players). Damage from this effect cannot occur more than once per sec. (1 min cooldown)
  • Arcane Infused Gem has been reworked to read: Use: Your next Arcane Shot deals an additional {1000 + 1.0 RAP} (100 + .1 RAP to players) damage as Arcane to the target and enemies within 8 yards of your target. Lasts 10 seconds. (1 min cooldown)
  • Mind Quickening Gem has been reworked to read: Use: Quickens the mind, increasing haste rating by 180 for 20 sec. (2 minutes cooldown)
  • Scrolls of Blinding Light has been reworked to read: Use: Instantly deals {2000 + 1.5 Hsp + 0.75 ap} to up to 8 targets within 8 yards (20% to players). (2 minutes cooldown)
  • Hazza’’rah’’s Charm of Magic has been reworked to read: Use: Increases your Intellect by 100 and converts 10% of your Intellect to spell damage for 15 sec. (1 min cooldown)
  • Renataki’’s Charm of Trickery has been reworked to read: Use: Invoke a word of trickery from the charm. (2 min cooldown)
  • Hazza’’rah’’s Charm of Destruction has been reworked to read: Use: Increases your critical strike rating by 210 (15.00% @ L60) for 20 sec. (2 minutes cooldown)
  • Added Pagle’’s Lucky Loop, an epic ring that grants Stamina and crit rating.

New Cooking Recipes

  • Added Seared Cunning Carp, a new cooking recipe which grants 20 Intellect when well fed and can be fished from high level waters.
  • Added Azerothian Schmorgus Board, a new cooking recipe which grants anyone in your party or raid who eats 35 attack power OR 20 spell power, depending on their current specialization, and 15 Stamina. Can be purchased from Dirge Quikcleave.
  • Added Chilled Lava Eel, a new cooking recipe which grants your direct damaging abilities a chance to deal additional Fire damage when well fed and can be purchased from Plugger Spazzring.
  • Added Silithid Snack, a new cooking recipe which grants 13 armor pen rating when well fed and can be obtained from a quest granted by Dirge Quikcleave at 60.
  • Added Dirge’’s Nevermelt Ice Cream, a new cooking recipe which grants 10 hit rating when well fed and can be obtained from a quest granted by Dirge Quikcleave at 60.
  • Added Hydra Scale Soup, a new cooking recipe which grants 14 crit rating when well fed and can be obtained from a quest granted by Dirge Quikcleave at 60.
  • Added Chillwind Flank Steak, a new cooking recipe which grants 8 increased resistances when well fed and can be obtained from Brumeran in Winterspring.

NOTE: Everything above is seasonal only!


With all this changes i plan to update the entire guide during the season.


To do:


  • Racials
  • Stat allocation
  • Updating Example/Full Build (Maye adding multiple)
  • Update Section 1.
  • Update Section 2.
  • Adding Lone Wolf
  • Include PvE Power into Section 4 ??
  • Huge Updates to Section 5.
  • Item changes require BiS and Gearing UP review. Need to add items and may remove some. Dunno if i can/want include random crafted stats.



Edited by Vedartha
addet stuff

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Hell no. Its pure pve focused. I dont play much pvp but i liked playing without pet and with stealth a lot. Damage isnt great on Hunter but the range and mobility make him great kiter and stealth allows for surprise attacks. So you dont go for the one-shot meme hero but be the annoying maggot people cant get rid of.

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25.11.19 - Huge update to the Guide after S5 changes

  • Addet a section "General Information"
  • Changed section names and order accordently
  • Section 1. General Information now holds Racial and stat allocation information
  • Section 2. is now Spells, Talents and Random Enchants
  • Updated example and full build. Addet a Explosive Shot version. Addet my build used on KT first kill.
  • Multi shot is now a core ability
  • Explosive Shot is now reliable AOE/Cleave damage and with that Volley is no longer the to go option.
  • Addet additional Spells and Talents as recommendet and situational.
  • Addet situational Random Enchants
  • Section 3 is now Rotation, Cooldowns and Interactions
  • Addet Arcane Shot - vs - Explosive Shot to section 3
  • Section 4 is now Choosing a pet and Lone Wolf.
  • Addet Lone wolf explanation to Section 4
  • Section 5 is now Statistics and Priorities
  • Corrected a lot of typos in Section 5.
  • Section 6 is now Enchants, Consumables and Professions
  • Section 6 should now be easier to read.
  • Addet a lot of enchanting options to Section 6, primary Arena Rewards
  • Addet the new bufffoods to section 6.
  • Addet special food to section 6.
  • Section 7 is now Macros and Addons.
  • Addet TBM to Section 7 once again.
  • Section 8 is now Gearing Up and Best-in-Slot
  • Addet a Note to some buged/broken trinkets in section 8
  • Section 9 is now Bugs and known Issues
  • Removed fixed bugs from section 9
  • Addet "Multishot not usable while moving" bug to section 9


To do:

  • Section 8 needs revision cause a lot of items got changed and addet.
  • Add Raiders Recommendation Guide
  • Include PvE Power to Section 5


Some words to the reasoned Hunter Buffs. Most of the stuff that got addet is quality of life improvement or pvp focused. steady shot while moving was a desired thing but it turns out you still want to stutter step for auto shots so its not that beneficial aside of fights with extreme movement like Heigan. You also cant cancel the shot annymore midcast by moving to interrupt or to get a higher priority shot out so you have to play with cancel macros now.

Iam astonished by Explosive Shot. 5 Yards sounds like nothing but the resultas are impressive. The cleave damage is quiet good and even with the small radius its a reliable source of cleave damage. In fact it is so good, most AOE fights where the only AOE option was Volley (whish feels pretty clunky) it is now the to go AOE option. No support required, just switch arcane for Explosive Shot. However, Explosive shot is still behind Arcane Shot on pure single target fights.


Please take note that i only update the guide when changes hit Andorhal/LS. I usualy dont include Season Only Stuff but we got some of the changes on legacy midseason. Some changes might have sliped and are not includet yet or are listed here but not active (Lone Wolf) on Andorhal and LS.


Happy Hunting


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Update 30.11.19:

Addet ZG Trinkets after they got reworked to the Gearing Up list and the new PvP Rewards. Changed or newly addet Items are highlighted.

Addet explanation of Raider's Commendation (8.2), including a small list of what to spend Commendations efficient on to it.


Edited by Vedartha

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