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Herm's BG/Grinding spec

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I have enjoyed this spec long enough thought i would share it with the community

Bascially hots up decoy tank 5 ppl win bg.

ok i have a lot of questions about starter gear.  Even i didnt start with epics i started with blue pvp gear.  The idea is to get 3 diff sets of 2pc bonus for maximum spellpower.  Cloth items have the most base sp so you will be fine there. 

code for the build


updated with the new naxx patch since we got 3% more DR from tac mastery and lost body and soul RE


Example Starting Gear Set:

helm- priest pvp helm

shoulders- priest pvp shoulders

chest- warlock pvp chest

hands- warlock pvp hands

legs- mage pvp legs

boots- mage pvp boots

rings- 2x maidens circle

neck- any sp blue neck 

trinket 1- pvp trinket 60 ilvl one

trinket 2- cheap ilvl 60 for farming 

wrist - any blue with sp

back- any blue with sp

belt- any blue with sp

weapon- most important part of this spec u need a 2h that is NOT  a staff. high int and stam will do.  I use Hammer of the Grand Crusader. Finkel's lava dredger is also good value.

ranged weapon- you NEED a bow, crossbow, or gun for pvp to fire viper sting, otherwise for farming any ilvl ranged slot will work but prefer to still be able to fire viper sting.

Epic Gear Set

For your final set you want to Itemize both spell power and stats and the Nemesis set for the 130 resistances for your pet.

Always look for off pieces with maximum spellpower, stamina and intelligence.

SP trinkets for maximum hots/dots.

Wizards oils will be used in the spec if you don't want to use wizard oil feel free to pick up flametongue weapon or earthliving weapon.

Stat Allocation

150 stat points into stamina

63 stat points into intellect

Finally, once you have farmed some gold you can build your spellpower and survivablility.  I recommend gear with spellpower, stamina, and int.  For farming I recommend only Fel communication on items that you use that cost more to repurchase than to insure.  Have a separate gearset that you can farm in and maintain ilvl to drop raid loot yet not lose your best other items.


Addons and macros:

Grid/Healbot -- you are support so you need to keep allys alive

Decursive --- helps with cleansing bad stuff off you and your allies

Atlasloot -- look up gear that you may need for set bonuses (zg, mc, bwl, aq20/40 and pvp gearsets)

ilvl macro to check you/your targets ilvl-- 

/run local t,c,u=0,0,UnitExists("target") and "target" or "player" for i =1,18 do if i~=4 then local k=GetInventoryItemLink(u,i) if k then local _,_,_,l=GetItemInfo(k) t=t+l c=c+1 end end end if c>0 then print(t/c) end

disengage macro--

#showtooltip disengage
/cast [target=YOURNAMEHERE] slow fall 
/cast disengage

Grid mouseover heal basic macro- to create for each heal just replace the heal name in the macro ( rejuvenation, riptide, or power word: shield)

/cast [target=mouseover,exists] renew; renew


Random Enchants:
3x demonic resilience - 18% less dmg taken to demon
1x spell warding - 3% less spell dmg taken
3x nerves of steel - 15% less dmg taken while stunned/feared
1x divinity - 3% more healing
1x protector of the pack - 3% less dmg
1x survivalist -3% stam
1x survival of the fittest - 2% all stats
3x blaze ward - aoe fire dmg when hit good for grinding/melee
1x blood craze - small passive heal  over 6 seconds when crit

1x slot for any RE Endless agony or any other survival RE.

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