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Gang Grape

Don't play on Laughing Skull

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If your intended goal of playing on one of the ascension realms is to:

 level a character to max

pvp or wpvp

do raids or complete other endgame content

or to have a good time, Laughing Skull will not provide these opportunities to the same degree of one of the 'season' realms.

The reason for this is because the populace of LS are subjected to an excess of crashes every day, often exceeding ten per day.
Without fail, one crash is followed by several others, making the first crash a good sign to steer clear of LS for at least 20 minutes if not an hour or so. But don't wait too long or you may find yourself affronted by another crash cycle.


The intent of this post is not to spread discontent, or to cast hate or point fingers. 
I just want everyone to be aware of the catastrophe they are signing up for when they reroll a new hero on the LS server, because it is beyond frustratingly ridiculous when you're just trying to enjoy a new experience and you are not only booted suddenly like a blue screen (PC) , which can be solved with a restart, but it's more akin to the red circle of death (xbox) where you are barred from playing for an extended period of time.

Thus players will migrate to one of the other realms to plant new roots to tend when LS is down, and my suggestion to you is: stay there and never go back.

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Actually my buddy and i played last night and we were able to level up twelve times before the server crashed

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