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Next seasonal idea for wildcard

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Wildcard is great and brings in many players and keeps things fresh. Although there is good and bad rng. Scrolls of choosing and fortune are not enough sometimes.

For the next season, if it is wildcard, players should get a scroll of choosing at lvl 30, or 40 and be able to pick up a talent ability, alongside being able to choose a talent ability at lvl 60. That way it prevents very bad rng and builds being ruined by getting way too many utilities, etc.

Edit: Starting abilities should be chosen as well, to prevent people wasting days trying to reroll a set of skills that can be ruined by bad rng as they level up.

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How about we have a completely different seasonal rather then anything to do with wildcard, seeing as the last two seasons have been wildcard. seasonals where made to be a sorta test server for new radical ideas that can't be added to the main realms.

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If it is wildcard again allow for some chooseing. Allow the players to have four abilities to choose so they can avoid the awful spell but still have the randomised feeling. 

I can't think of much to replace wildcard. 

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