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Scroll of Choosing on non-level 60 Talents

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If I picked a 2AE/1TE Talent at level 60, such as Tree of Life, rather than choosing a level 60 talent, am I unable to then use a Scroll of Choosing to replace Tree of Life with Wild Growth? If this is true I am infuriated. I desperately need help, the entirety of my build is amazing but Tree of Life is horrible. The alert I get in chat is "You need to spend Ability Essence points before you can choose this talent." But I am unable to spend Ability Essence because this is Wildcard mode.

Server is Elune Wildcard.

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6 minutes ago, Wheelspin7 said:

Yeah the scroll of choosing is only for lvl60 talents.

So am I permanently stuck with Tree of Life? Cause it says I can't use a scroll of unlearning on it either.

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