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I'm completely new to World of Warcraft and would like for some questions to be answered:

  1. I found out recently that the UI can be customized how do I go about making changes to it? Can I use add-ons such as:


  2. There are a few missing textures when I use certain items such as the starting gun (I don't remember the name currently) how do I go about remedying this issue?
  3. Are there any means of moving faster in the game besides walking such as a sprint, mounts, or waypoint travel system?
  4. Quests markers on maps only show a general location is there any way to get it more specific?
  5. I noticed that this game offers in-game macros any recommended options?
  6. Any other tips you would want to recommend to me as a player playing WoW for the first time?
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I don’t know about the other questions but to answer question 3 once you reach a curtain level and reputation with your characters race by completing quests you will be able to buy a mount. Also at the different capitals and curtain towns there are flight masters that let you travel between them for some coin.

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