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New player got a couple questions

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What are the differences between all the realms and seasons? If there is somewhere I could read about this i'm sorry, but I couldn't find anything on the website.

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There are 3 types of relems High Risk, Low Risk and Wild Card (High Risk and Low Risk)

High Risk allows you to fight any faction as well you get higher rewards from mobs in the open world such as raid gear, as well you get more Xp while being high risk in the open world

Low Risk is the basic game where you can to quests and dungeons and raids and pvp without that extra risk factor but the downside is you get basic rewards and lower Xp then high risk

Wild card Server is where you make a character and you get random moves and some talents up to lvl 60, up to lvl 9 you can reroll you moves using the "dice of destiny" in your bag is pick your starting moves

Seasons are the old the previous versions of ascension that become legacy relams (High risk and Low Risk servers)

Season 3 is currently the wild card mode servers


Hopefully this helped you!



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