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Is laughing skull good?

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Hello there travelers! 

So i recently started to play here again after a long brake and me and my friend lvl a char to lvl 60 on laughing skull before i quit i recently came back from the whisperwind launch, the thing about laughing skull is that I really liked the class build design and it is really cool but it led to people googling the best bis class and that resulted in alot of people 1 shotting kids even if the had similar gear just because the choose the op bis class and the other didint so as i told i recently started to play again on whipserwind as it introduces wild card mode and it basically makes your spells random so i leveled i char there did not get the best for pvp rerolled lvl it to 60 did not get any good things and that happend around 5x times before i started to think maybe if i join the other server laughing skull so i can make my own class instead of the rng making it for me but then i remembered that there still probably are bis class picks  for that i was just wondering if this is still the case? or is it like everyone pick there own unique class instead of like the bis class picks that youtubers our streamers pick because the wanna rule the server because of a op specc? if it is so please tell me but if not i might go laughing skull instead of whisperwind if not i probably going to stick to whisperwind

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there defently alot of flavor of the nonth spec that roll aroubd but for the most part besides tanks and healer mostly everything pretty decently balanced 

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LS is still an oligarchy of OP guilds and players
about three and three dozen respectively

but one thing has changed, for better or worse the population is down 90%

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