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Sacred Shield - Question about abillity-pool

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Hallo guys, i was wondering about some abillities, which are listed in game, but require a lvl higher than the lvl cap.

Is this some kind of mistake/bug,  or am  i able to skill those once i hit 60?

Im speaking about pally wings and sacred shield, which  tell me: need lvl  70 and 80.

I just need to know this cause i like to craft a build which "reqieres" those to work decent.


Thanks for any Help.


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I am pretty sure those abilities wont be available for a bit, this server is a progressive server that is running on the wotlk client and they are going to unlock outland content and increase the lvl cap to 70 and when all the 70 content is released and done they will continue to wotlk content.
So that is why some abilities wont unlock for a while and have a lvl requirement that is above 60.

Don´t take my word for it but this is how i understand it and you can see the content release plan if you press the timeline tab on their website.

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Okay sooo.. i guess  thats fine 

May i ask  you another Question. Any addons i want to use shld be for wotlk 3.3.5a than?


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