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New Hero, Who Dis?

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So, back sometime last year I started to get into this game and then ended up back on retail because I found a raiding guild to run current content with. That being said, I actually had uninstalled it and forgotten all about Ascension even existing until, by accident, I stumbled across Zen's "AscZENsion Stream: Season 3" video of the launch stream yesterday. I had been watching videos of old content and it showed up in my recommended feed on YouTube so I gave it a watch. Well, obviously, it was enough to get me to download the game again and this time ACTUALLY give it some play time. Even got my addons as close as i could to my retail UI which made me super happy. Thanks for all your hard work team and when I get paid this Friday I'll chunk ya'll some duckets on the cool. I'm always down to pay for my entertainment when I feel like there's value over the free price tag. Loving the changes and look forward to getting into some end game content. I didn't start retail until the last few months of WoD (rip) so this is actually my first experience in anything older than that. I didn't have a pc to run it in my youth. I'm an old(ish) gamer. I'm 41 going on 15. I'll be a 15 year old excitable boy every year for the rest of my life. LMAO I own my being a geek, nerd, and gamer and have all my life. Thanks again Ascension Team.

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