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Just my thoughts(walloftext)

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Hello everyone and mainly, the dev team

I just wanted to post a note, while waiting in a que. 

I have started on this server just a days ago, creating few characters on skull before realizing the one i wated, is the Elune.

I started playing my now main character earlier this day, and i must say. The server has surprised me, even tohough everything is random and, some might say, unballanced, i had the most fun in wow i can't even remember. The constant fear from a world pvp is something i've been missing in mmorg since ever. This has reminded me of my best games in front of PC playing HC RP Ultime Online realm. 

This idea is i think what could possibly even save WoW in the future and i would not be suprised if they mimic, or even absorb you in the future. 


Why do i think that?

First of all, in this year - the classic slow pace of mmorgps are not that much sought after. Majority want everything as soon as possible with the least effor. Whiel I myself don't find much fun in that, it's the sad truth IMO., Seasonal PvP works in mobas and such - that's why I think the seasonal idea + much higher rates is great from the start. In a classic server, i would consider this a waste of time - why even play this, when there's so much rates. But here, you have random stuff, you have quick lvling, and you have limited time to prove yourself. 

I believe there's still possible space for adjusting the core "make your own" spec in general. I think that the seasonal servers are what's the right path, but it should be easier to ajdust your spec a bit.

For example,

A) when selecting a character, create an UI which allows to choose starting spells. This will skip the armies of re-rolling characters and i believe will significantly improve friendliness for a new players. (+ you can easily limit it with conditions, making it impossible to choose only one op spells but rather to equip the player for the path he wishes, but still will have to rely on rng gods at higher lvls)

B) Im speaking from a Elune only player perspective here; I think that the spell respecs there works great. Mayybe do some weeklies to get a spell reroll.

C) Outlaw / Lawkeeper system is cool and i love it. However i believe it needs some love, i recieved the lawkeeper even though i have never killed anyone. (i was attacked, but succesfully sprinted away, so maybe later he got killed and i got credited as well) You can even go so far here as to creating a substitute for blizz PvP ranking system. Making the most thurtfull lawkeepers/outlaws be rewarded with unique,(possibly even season-passable) items - such as titles, tabards...

D) Queue.... and let me just explain my scenario here as a new player. I was playing just fine the whole day, then the server crashes - and when i try again few minutes later. I'm in 60+ min que that allows me to create account on forum and post wall of text spam topic. 

E) Create second realm, if it's possible. I have seen what you can do with stuff related to blizz coding, create second realm, same season, cross-realm LFG/BG - maybe even phases if you're handy enough (and i see you use the phases) - If you create it in a such a way that perhaps even allow character transfers in website acc manager. You could easily balance out the queues, whiel having all the pleayers happily dance together. Grouping could phase them together


Anyway that is how i see possible upgrades. 


Wish you the best for the future


Cya around



TLDR; Totally new player here; like the elune server poopton in general and think the future of wow/mmo is in simillar model; some things could be better; some few quick changes are needed to keep the wave of newbs;wish all well


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2 hours ago, wutm8 said:

Elune is temporary server, and not a permanent one.

Thanks for the reply.

That doens'tt quite answer or expand any of my points tho.. does it

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Look, the server is going to be up for 2-3 months max. There would most likely not be coming any major changes to the server other than bugfixes, balance patches and QA stuff. Seasonal servers have two purposes to test new game mechanic's and serve as a $$ cow. 

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