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Guest DMTparadox

hello, I came back..

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Guest DMTparadox

Hey Guys, 

i came back to this server after quite a bit of a break of playing at all.. i would like to start aout freshly but i am kinda overhelmed by the number if servers u got now :D which one is recommended for fresh starters?

also if anyone wanna level up together just have a nice and relaxed game _ just leave a text..


so far,



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a very short summary of the realms:

xp rates
No gear drop on death

Laughing skull/high-risk:
Has a karma system
Gear drop on death
dungeon/raid-loot drops in world

Wildcard only
Hybrid system (you can swap between high/low-risk)
You will have the rewards and punishments of the risk you are in, i.e. being on High risk, gives you the rules of Laughing Skull


Seasons are usually the place people go to first, however, it also has a decently long queue

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