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Quick Attack Build

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As I am very new to the server, I am trying to come up with a fun melee build for fast attacks with a high crit chance with it. I would enjoy some feedback on this build to see some things I should change or things I should take it. Thank you very much. 


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did a quick peek, battle shout and blessing of might don't stack in wrath so no need to have it. Battle shout isn't good either in most cases. your spreading out your abilitys and talents to thin, raptor strike and heroic strike aren't good to have in one build as both go off a weapon swing. if your going mutilate having any other ability that uses energy that's not a finisher is a waste as you won't have enough energy to sustain both. combat experience is bad maybe it works for melee hunter but I can't image it being good for anything. kidney shot doesn't work on bosses as far as I'm aware and most raid mobs so it's a moot point in useing it. battle stance is better if your going more physical damage. if your going to use poisons then invent in vile and deadly or just switch to whirlwind as they'll get you more average damage especially when your swapping targets.


Ptr is open as far as I know I'd suggest using it rather then waiting for people on the fourms to tell you what's good or not, you'll get more bang for you buck.

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