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Single target Priest Healing PvP

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For the sake of argument lets say you have at least BWL gear, some defensive CD's and a general idea how not to die in 10 seconds. 

So, the best healing specs - nature hots - can suffer in PVP when your enemy is on top of dispel game. But still, the hps is best.

Then we have hardcasting hpally - which takes a lot of patience, timing, fake casting and bis RE's to work - but there is nothing really to dispel - and you can get 6k crit heals with a 1.6 cast time.

And here is where we get to priest based heals. Not enough hots, not enough simply overpowering high numbers (you will get 4.5k crits with all priest buffs active). The argument people put is that priests have a lot of buffs, that increase healing taken and reduce phys damage taken - which all can be dispelled.


Basicaly, you dont have enough hot power to run around all the time, positioning yourself, even if you go iron balls mode and stand and hardcast - then your numbers simply aren't the highest (from my experience about 15-20% weaker than pally).

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Shields are good though, but with spell mastery gone good luck getting anything with a cast time more 1.3 sec off on target. Unless you play against niblets. 

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Posted (edited)

Been PvP healing for a while on retail and for 1.5yrs on Ascension.  I can make healing builds.  My 0.9 cast Healing Wave wipes the floor with any priest core.  There is 0 single target options it's all Shield/Prayer/Nova.  In other words two specialisations that can only do pure 1 button AoE spams.  Even a retail Priest has better playstyle options.  Also if should lose 25% spell haste in a single patch as a hardcasting PvP healer, i won't be logging in again so I would no longer care. However I'm under the assumption there will be more to that patch.

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1 hour ago, Ashsj1992 said:

I can make flawless healing builds. 

1 hour ago, Ashsj1992 said:

My 0.9 cast Healing Wave build wipes the floor with the priest core.

1 hour ago, Ashsj1992 said:

Also if should lose 25% spell haste in a single patch as a healer, I won't be logging in again so I would no longer care.

So, the purpose of this post was for you to tell us how great you are, while also admitting that you can't adapt to a bit of a challenge? :thinking: 


1 hour ago, Ashsj1992 said:

There is 0 single target options it's all Shield/Prayer/Nova.

Last time I checked, Power Word: Shield was a single target option...


Regardless, have you tried not playing something so simple as a one button spec, single target or not? I've been playing a single target pvp healer that incorporates both Paladin and Priest spells, using Holy Shock, Holy Light, Flash of Light and Flash Heal, while relying on procs to make the latter two insant casts. You can even throw in circle of healing for some added spice. It may not have the raw HPS of other specs, but damn can it move, which you might find quite useful in a PvP situation....

If you're serious about quitting over the 25% spell haste nerf, then please go ahead, because to be honest its about time, healers are freaking OP in both PvE and PvP. I'm keen for the challenge of rebuilding my PvP spec after the change. Chin up pal

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Posted (edited)


My purpose here is obviously to bring attention to single target priest builds, hence the simplicity of my first post.
I was trying to save time, by preventing someone like you from giving me mediocre advice.
which I felt came across too strongly, so I edited 1 part of that that just before u finished posting. 

For PWS to be viable you need to make large investments into it which can be instantly undone by 1 Dispel Magic or even a passive Devour Magic,
while currently there is an army of Felhunters around.. alongside Weaken Soul it's consistent single target is nothing compared to its rivals. 

Mortal Wounds 50/60% reduction renders Flash of Light, Holy Shock, Flash Heal and Circle of Healing (single target) to be weak GCDs
and puts it under the GCD value of a good DPS build, also this build design is nothing new and not really relevant here as it's 90% built from a Holy Pala core. 
Might I suggest you stick to PvE on Andohal instead of trying to school me on the LS PvP meta.

You have assumed wrong, I would not quit from losing 25% spell haste because of balancing issues but rather how it would feel to play,
as I enjoy a fast paced playstyle while stacking Haste. The meta has almost unlimited ways to prevent hardcasted heals anyway.
There is plenty of ways to correct Spell power without breaking the enjoyment of it, that's just stupid. 
After retail raised the GCD time in Legion/BFA to dumb it down, was the day i quit and came here.

Although regarding the balance.. to lose 25% spell haste in a single patch (+6% last patch) while gaining nothing to compensate,
as a hard casting Healer in PvP this would result in being the hardest nerf i have ever witnessed in 13 years of WoW & Classless,
I wouldn't blame anyone for quitting so it would be logical to assume the Ascension team has more plans for this.......

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Hi there

I am a player that started out in early 2017. During this time i have always played healer, & i have never felt any nerfs for healer even now. 

The vital aspect of a healer in wpvp is to be able to tank any burst thrown at You. Your effective use of The few globals at Your disposal when not ransacked by multipel targets another. 

Priest Heals in particular falls in The niche of pre-emtive Dmg mitigation & fast spot Heals. 

Shaman Heals are incredibly strong (AQ healing wave) & is very well versed against any sort of Dmg. Calculating through 50% healing red i still manage to heal non crit for about 1900. 

The thing that makes Priest spells good such as Divine Aegis & pw:shield comes from them totally ignoring The 50% healing reduction. 

As far as making a only Priest heal build is garage, cuz certain situation merit certain Heals. 

Weaving in Priest Heals with Shaman Heals is to my current knowledge The best way to create a healer that can be The variabel in any pvp encounter. 


I dont agree with The statement that penance is garbage.  Penance is extremly powerful in setting upp top offs, esp in situation where Your target is Los or out of range. 

Getting The 5x points in The 55 row  of Disc completely bypasses The current nerf to haste. 

Having a shield now makes no difference in Your hps, 10% is nothing. It is not The vital aspect of a healer anyway. 

What You want is a kit that has an answer for any hard cc/Death Coil etc. 

And maximizing Your global cd usage. 

With The current patch, You can easily make a build that pushes around 9k of healing in 1 global. This is not possible in The current and intended way of how The Priest class abilities operate. 

Idk man, but from all Your displayed arrogance it is clear You started this post to caress a fractured ego. 

That was my 2 cents of this pathetic attempt of proclaiming yourself a master of Heals etc. I have played wow since i was a little twat & in my experiences, True rank 1:s dont act The way You do, they don't need to. 




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Posted (edited)


Yes Priests can have a great clutch with PWS
However i have already mentioned the massive investment it takes for PWS to be a good GCD for a Healer
while that investment can be quickly undone by Dispel/Devouring Magic making it unreliable + Weakened Soul.

Divine Aegis has little connection to the priest core
in fact if your using PWS as a focus, Divine Aegis will have less value on a priest build than others. 

Although absorption ignores Mortal Wounds, absorption also comes before mitigation
which means the absorb amount will deplete much quicker than a Health pool,
for this reason absorption is not always better than a heal equivalent.

Penances GCD value is hardly better than Waves under Tidal Waves.
If i was to consider that no investment is used for Penance, then yes it's very powerful, however the little ways to increase its value makes it limited.
They should buff the Aspiration RE to 10% to match its talent, this way we can invest 2T3RE's to gain a 6 sec CD Penance.

Borrowed Time has low talent value in single target, unless your in a group fight chaining off PWSs
I have already mentioned Priest Core's are fine in large group fights, so this is irrelevant to my debate
I also started this forum before the Spell Mastery nerf, so balance has shifted.

Just.. because the build can have one situation in which it would do well in (Clutch saves) does not mean its not an underdog needing attention. 
Having two healing spec's Disc and Holy both amounting to AoE focused builds that take up similar roles seems like a lot of wasted ground.


It's sad to see negativity from you, just because i displayed a little CONFIDENCE, how insecure must you be i wonder? 
I never "bragged about being R1" or  "proclaimed myself Master of Heals" so don't be a **** and put words into my post to strengthen your random attack.
"True rank 1:s dont act The way You do, they don't need to. " act like what?  and don't half suggest you know anything about that, i have seen you play on LS 🤣
But sure, let's assume every player that has touched the top of the ladders automatically gains a humble personality.. genius psychology right there.


Edited by Ashsj1992

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