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Looking for a challenge? Ironman Challenge Gamemode !

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Posted (edited)

Hey there, I wanted to share with you guys a gamemode that would clearly challenge you during your plays on Ascension, here comes the Ironman gamemode!

Whats the ironman gamemode you may ask? Its a new way to play the game with rules that you have to play with in order to maybe become the mighty lv 60 ironman hero that "everyone" want to be!

Here a full list of rules for that gamemode, I'm posting it on the forum so you can try it too and even enhance it by suggesting new rules.

⚔️ Ironman challenge Gamemode ⚔️
1- Can't sell and buy things to vendors (Except tools and recipes) No AH too.
2- No trades with players, except mats for crafting purposes.
3- Can't wear any stuff acquired an other way than loots or crafting
4- Can't do quests.
5- Can't do dungeons but bgs allowed when lv 60 reached. (You won't find any bg before lv 60 anyway)
6- Start with nothing, no armor, no weapons. Just spells points and stats points.
7- No hearthstones.
8- No grouping, you have to do everything by yourself. No guilds too.

I hope you'll like trying this, of course only on LS because it won't be really funny without the danger of being killed and loosing stuff :D
Let me know what you think about it ;)

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Posted (edited)

Have fun saving up for riding lol


In general though it just doesn't seem too fun, especially these:

No quests, no bgs (would be a source for nice gear seen as you can't trade), no hearthstone (annoying more than adding any actual difficulty), no vendors (what do you do with anything you pick up?)


Pretty cool idea though, I'd like to see someone try this

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Posted (edited)

I'm thinking about changing the bgs line so when lv 60 reached you can tag, won't be useful for dung since the drops are also available in the world drops. For the hearthstone meh, its just too easy to go to a safe place to rest with it 😛
And about vendors, well, you just don't do anything with the drops, except if they are useful for you xD


But yea, it depends on you tho, everyone have his own conception of what is fun or not

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