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Maelstrom Weapon > Chain Heal; Revert that.

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As the title says. I've been out for a while and didn't saw this change 'till these days when I was about to play a dungeon healer toon on andie. Talking about this wi peeps on discord, seems that If we get MW > CH back won't hurt anybody, it won't touch Raids, won't  touch instanced PVP, and maybe a lil of WPVP but this can be easily tweaked. So pls don't kill a spec that probably will be only viable on dungeons but a fun way to play a healer.


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They should of nerfed it but instead they removed it

A melee hybrid that specialized in group healing was a welcome and unique build type. 
The only issue was that it was possible to get Chain Heal to deal solid self healing in PvP, evidently removing it was the only solution...
However the only reason it was unbalanced was because of Nurturing Instincts.

They hit Nurturing Instincts with a few sledge hammer nerfs both direct and indirect then they completely forgot about there previous "solution" to remove Chain Heal. 
I think it is all kinda amusing if you ask me :) maybe stay out for abit longer. 

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Oh, I wish they would revert that..

The removal of Chain Heal from Maelstrom Weapon's effect has killed Ascension entirely for me. I recently wanted to return to the game but soon discovered that my melee healer build, that I had spent tens of hours theorycrafting, was effectively gone. The ability to cast Chain Heals instantly was the very center of my build - and now it doesn't work. I gotta say, that feels super bad having put so much thought and effort into a build that was nothing like anything I had seen in any game. It was way more fun to manage healing targets and mana generation when I also had to focus on hitting enemies. It didn't even have the most potent healing output of builds out there.

I thought the server was about trying new things and discovering wacky combos that wouldn't work on regular WoW servers. Maelstrom Weapon Chain Heals were the reason I played Ascension and now it's gone. 

My potential return to Ascension depends ENTIRELY on the reversion of the Chain Heal removal from Maelstrom Weapon. 

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the more different builds the better, absolutely no reason to kill something beautiful as it was...

maybe nerf it, maybe nerf self heals proc'd by it, maybe even leaving it as it was...

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On 9/3/2019 at 9:09 PM, Zijarih said:

So, do MW stacks can be used for Chain Heal now, or should we wait some more to return to Ascension? ;)

it will never happen it litterly let people solo farm everything because it was constant instant heals with out any real mana cost.

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It only self heals alittle more than Lesser Healing Wave for single target which is currently still available.

Nerfs exist not sure why you and the devs believe a removal was the only solution.

Not that it needs a nerf even if its reintroduced, It was was OP because of Nurturing Instincts, which got nerfed hard.
Hence why after they removed Chain Heal from Maelstrom, sustain hyrbids was still dominating with Lesser Wave, Riptide and Holy Shock
it wasnt untill they addressed Nurturing Instincts scaling and the x5 RE stacking that they lost there place in the Meta.

I dont think Mana had anything to do with there reasoning behind this as hybrids have unlimitted mana with
Improved Stormstrike and Judgements of the Wise, also note the Talent and RE stack for Imp Stormstrike
meaing there is a 50% chance to gain double the normal amount, Judgement is often not even needed.

Ascention has a habbit of incorrectly nerfing smaller elements of a build type rather than the root of the problem
in this case it resulted in a death of a unque build type.

The only time where Maelstrom Healing was the issue was when TG had insane PPM with it
which could then be followed into Healing Waves.


I wouldnt recomend it unless your into this Wildcard stuff, this had been there main focus for some time now.
There has been little changes to bring in new build types for older players and certainly nothing regarding healing, like ever.

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