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Elegant way to increase population

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SO i've been thinking. A big reason new players stop playing this game is due to them being killed and having a hard time recovering from their deaths, (This is only applies to seasonal servers and high risk) 
However if you where to remove that factor all the hardcore bloodthirsty pvpers would get bored and quit. No risk right ? 

How about if you limit the punishment for dying ? Hear me out.

Limit the drop cap to a set number, Lets say 1 or 2 (or w/e u feel is best). So that when you die to a player you are guaranteed to drop 1 gear piece from your equipped gear, and x random stuff from your inventory (same as usual)
What this will do is make players, ALL players with their best in slot gear be able to go out and farm, and face the world with a risk but without having to loose absolutly everything and be able to recover. It's mentally better psychologically speaking to know exccactly what you risk loosing and go for it then to not know if u will loose everything and cower in citys, maybe equip off gear to safe farm.

Thing is, this also excludes the group ganking one person, since they'll only be able to benifit from one equipped loot piece.  Remove the greedy goblin, and cap drops, People will join, it will be better for new players, and still risky for veteran players.

Could problably tweak this idea to a better one, but im sure it will help the community grow more, and seems to be better then the 5 ilvl thingy difference.


Also please dont make people see others builds ^__^ 

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24 minutes ago, Peel2g said:

But its limited alrdy? 

Im confused

This is correct.

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Laughing Skull: 2 equipped pieces and like 3-5 things from inventory 


Bloodscalp: same as above as non-outlaw

3 equipped pieces as Outlaw

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It also depends on item level, some new starter with a low item level will NOT drop items from their equipped Vs a veteran with high item level

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