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<OAK> (H) - Andorhal

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OAK is a Horde guild on Andorhal, OAK was originally a guild on Cenarius, but with the server merge, OAK became an Andorhal guild. we are currently looking to recruit new members. We accept both experienced and new players! OAK is a PvE progression based raiding guild that is composed of four 10 man raiding teams, as well as a 25 man raiding team! We have a positive and friendly guild environment, with members who are willing to help with whatever is needed.

On top of aiming to better ourselves, OAK additionally works to better the Horde on Andorhal as a whole. We run weekly "public raid" events, in which our leadership will run old content (such as Molten Core) and take anyone who wishes to attend, regardless of if they are members of OAK or not. Additionally, OAK hosts various events on Andorhal in an effort to gear up the horde, examples of this include or have included: Silithid Invasions, Scourge Invasions, Faction Leaders and many more!



OAK runs a large scale leadership system. We have three leadership ranks, the Guild Master, the Officers and the Team Leaders. In total, our leadership is composed of 15 members; 1 Guild Master, 6 Officers and 8 Team Leaders.

This system is effective and flexible, it allows the Officers to focus on the success of the guild as a whole, while simultaneously allowing Team Leaders to focus on their individual raid teams, to ensure they are operating at a high standard, while also maintaining a positive raid environment. This system has seen great success for OAK, and has allowed three different ten man teams to clear the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (with a fourth team on its way!)


Raid Teams

- Green Team - [EU][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 7PM ST Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
- Red Team - [NA / OCE][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 5AM ST Saturday and Sunday.
- Grey Team - [EU][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 7PM ST Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
- Blue Team - [NA][7/9 AQT] - Raid times are 1AM ST Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
- 25man - [EU][9/9 AQT] - Raid times are 9PM ST Thursday and Friday.


Rules and Expectations

We have a detailed set of rules and expectations that can best be found on our Discord, invite code: ra6VCJy



OAK is a passionate raiding guild, and while we may not get every Realm First, we do have one or two and we love to push ourselves. We will continue to clear content week after week and gear up those in our guild who wish to raid with us. This means loot for you!

We boast a positive environment, where guildees will help with whatever issues you may be facing, be that finding a dungeon group, min-maxing your build or generally just having a good chat.



If you wish to join OAK, you are welcome to speak to any of our Team Leaders or Officers on our Discord, invite code: ra6VCJy

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Guest Numsekriger

shadow hunter here, have cleared molten core and know the raids. :)

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