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The Ascension Guidebook - Part 1 - Start Here!

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Welcome to Ascension!
We are so pleased that you have chosen Project Ascension as the provider of your next journey through Azeroth! Project Ascension brings new dynamics to the World of Warcraft that you know and love, breathing life and diversity into your adventures. If you are new to the server, this is a great place to start, as this guide will cover all of the subjects you need to know in order to jump in and play with hundreds of other players who enjoy Ascension everyday!

Below, you will find a Table of Contents for this guide. Enjoy!
NOTE: Each part has its own thread dedicated to it. Please click the headers of each part in order to navigate through the guide.
Please leave comments and replies on Part IV. All other sections will be locked.


Part I
Table of Contents
I. General Information
II. Connection Guide

Part II
III. Realms
IV. The Classless System
V. Random Enchants and Fel Commutation

Part III
VI. End Game Content
VII. Public Bugtracker

Part IV
VIII. Donation Shop


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"Greetings Hero,

The world you have stepped onto is unlike any other. 
The adventure you are about to embark on is fraught with danger,
 but wonderous rewards lie in store for those who prove themselves worthy.
 The choices you make now will effect who you become in the future, 
and only you have the ability to save this place that we call home."

                                                                         - Nozdormu, The Timeless One


In Project Ascension, you have the choice to be who you want to be. With no classes, custom content, and unique gameplay, you can experience World of Warcraft like you never have before. A progressive system allows you to conquer the evil forces of Azeroth, from Molten Core and Onyxia, the opening of Ahn'Qiraj, and the downfall of Kel'Thuzad, to the siege of Black Temple and storming Icecrown Citadel.


With all class abilities and talents being available, you can build a hero that is only limited by your imagination! Create your ultimate build, and venture forth for glory and treasure!




Your character is labeled as a "hero"-  Azeroth's only hope for survival. As dark forces loom on the horizon, it is up to you and the other heroes of the world to come together and face the danger ahead. Will you prove you have what it takes to save Azeroth?

While you progress your character, you will discover new ways of improving your abilities, unique equipment, and content designed to push you to your limits and beyond.



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Ready to connect onto Project Ascension? Below is a comprehensive guide to connecting onto the game server, and the Discord voice chat server!

Tommyruin, a YouTuber who covers Ascension related content, created a guide on how to connect and install Ascension. You can find it here!


Go to our website homepage by clicking here. Once there, you will see a register button that looks like this:


Once clicked, you will see a page containing this content:


Enter a username (this will be your login for the game), your Email, a Password and the Captcha, then click "Create Account".

Note: Ascension Staff recommends using a different password than other sites or accounts for additional security. Ascension staff will never ask for your password.


Once your account has been confirmed, you can go back to the homepage. Now, click on "Sign In":


Enter the account information from registration, and once signed in, you will be redirected to your AV Panel:


This page has links to your characters, information about your account, links to the armory, auction house, and statistics, and also links to our store, which we will cover a little later on. For now, click the "Downloads" button on the bottom right.


Before going any further, make sure you have a Torrent program. These programs will allow you to download our launcher, and the 3.3.5 client in order to play. One option is uTorrent, which is lightweight, versatile, and easy to use. You can click here in order to download it. Once you have arrived at the homepage, you will see a graphic like this:


Click on "Get uTorrent for Windows". If you use a different operating system, click "Other Platforms" underneath. Download and install uTorrent.

Back on the website,once you have been redirected from your AV Panel, you will see a page that looks like this:


Here is a description of each field, marked and ordered by number:

  1. Ascension Launcher for Windows - This is the official launcher for Project Ascension. It is needed to access the game properly. Click "Windows" to download this file.

  2. Ascension Launcher for Mac- Use this link if you have a Mac in order to download the Ascension Launcher.

  3. Mac Connection Guide - Click this if you need help connecting with a Mac computer. (Link is currently not working)

  4. Game Installer for Windows- This is where you can download the 3.3.5 client in order to play on Project Ascension. If you already have a 3.3.5 folder on your computer, you can copy it. However, make sure to delete or rename your WTF folder, and clear your cache.

  5. Game Installer for Mac - Use this link for the Mac version of the 3.3.5 client.

  6. Patch A for Windows - Patch A is needed for Project Ascension, as it gives extra data internally to the game, which results in greatly contributing to the quality custom content within the realms. Without Patch A, you will deal with many issues inside of the game. No Torrent program is needed for this, as it is on megaupload. Click here for a direct link.

  7. Patch A for Mac - This link contains the Mac version of Patch A. Click here for a direct link.

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After you have obtained the 3.3.5 client, the Ascension Launcher, and Patch A, you are ready to move onto Step 4.
Now it is time to move the launcher and Patch A into your World of Warcraft file directory.
First, let's get Patch A in place:
The location of the file is within your Data folder for WoW. Drag and drop the file in, and you should see the same outcome, with Patch A at the bottom of the list.

Now for the launcher:



Move the launcher into the main area of your WoW folder. Make sure it is in the same directory as WoW.exe.
Now that these steps are completed, you are ready to play! All that is left to do is open Ascension.exe, login, pick a realm, and go!
Now let's talk about connecting to Discord, so you can talk with other players, and get live updates from the Ascension Staff!
If you already have Discord, click on the logo above in order to connect directly to our voice server! If you do not have Discord, then click HERE in order to download it. The desktop application is recommended as it takes less processing power to run than the browser based version.
Once you have downloaded and installed Discord, you will want to create an account, and then click the logo above in order to connect to our voice server.

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Project Ascension

Embark onto Azeroth like never before, as you create and play the hero of your dreams.

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