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Found 6 results

  1. Hello fellow Ascension players! Random enchants are freaking awesome, right? ..RIGHT?! Anyways we decided we would make more of them and while we were at it we realized you guys probably have some great ideas! So if you ever thought you had an idea for the perfect RE now is your time to shine! We mostly want 5-pointers or 1-pointers. Example: Firepower 1/2/3/4/5% fire damage, or single pointers such as Juggernaut. (That said, great 2- or 3-pointers are welcome too!) Below are two examples on how we would like you to format your suggestions! --- Firepower, 5p 1% Fire damage 2% Fire damage 3% Fire damage 4% Fire damage 5% Fire damage Comment: Increases the player fire damage by 1/2/3/4/5% --- Juggernaut, 1p Your Charge ability is now usable while in combat, but the cooldown on Charge is increased by 5 sec. Following a Charge, your next Slam or Mortal Strike has an additional 25% chance to critically hit if used within 10 sec. Comment: Would be cool! --- Remember these are suggestions! If your RE isn't chosen don't be sad, maybe there already is one that does the same thing. Go crazy people, we can do pretty much anything.. within the realm of reason!
  2. Hello there! First of all I gotta say that I haven't thought this through 100%. It is an idea I came up with last night, and I just want to hear you guys thoughts on it. Alright, so after having played for a little while on Ascension, trying out new builds, theorycrafting and all that jazz, I've noticed that (in my opinion) it is very limited what you can do with druids feral spells and talents as they require you to be in a certain form to be usable. So basically what I thought was, why not make feral spells, or just some of them, usable in warrior stances? - Without have thought it through, I think this would be great to expand the horizon for theorycrafting. So how to decide which stance should be asigned to a certain feral spell? I think it would be pretty obvious if Battle Stance and Defensive Stance is asigned to feral spells that requires Bear Form or Dire Bear Form, while Berserker Stance is asigned to feral spells that requires Cat Form. As a example: Frenzied Regeneration Instant, 3 min cooldown Requires Bear Form, Dire Bear Form, Battle Stance, Defensive Stance Converts up to 10 rage per second into health for 10 sec. Each point of rage is converted into 0.3% of max health. Swipe (Cat) 50 Energy, Melee Range Instant Requires Cat Form, Berserker Stance Swipe nearby enemies, inflicting 110% weapon damage. but for some other spells such as Prowl, Pounce, Ravage etc. I think they should stay as they are. Anyway, let me hear your thoughts on it. Cheers.
  3. currently there is no way to tell if a spell scale of attack power or spell power. like you would think exorcism would scale of spell power, but is actually scales of attack power. so, i would suggest that spells would show how much is scaled of any stat in the tool tip. like the way it's done in League of legends.
  4. Hey guys, I was running around picking new Abilities and noticed that I won't be picking an Ability from every single Specc. I also noticed that some Abilities and Spells are so good that most people will take them, regardless of their Playstyle. If this keeps up, when the Server goes life ater a while we will only see 4 to 5 different viable speccs. So why not mix Things up and take a few Speccs away, depending on what Race you play. Of course only Abilities and Spells, I would not change their access to Talents. For Example ; Tauren can hardly sneak around with their hooves and huge bodies, so why not remove Rogue Speccs like Assassination and Subtelty? They could still use Abilities from the Combat Specc and if you want to sneak around then just play cat. Or Undead; remove the Holy and Disciplin Priest Specc and all 3 Paladins Speccs for that Race, makes a lot of Sense Lore wise. Humans can't use Nature Magic, so remove the Druid and Shaman Spells for them, maybe even Beast Master Hunter Specc. Nightelves refuse to use Arcane Magic so remove the three Mage Speccs. Of course for all Races so one Race isn't much worse then the others. With only 30 Spells and Abilities per Character people won't be able to take a Spell from every Specc anyway. And when I see a player now, I can have atleast some Idea as to what to expect based on their Race. I would personaly go even further and say Undead would hardly use Nature Magic either, remove Shaman and Druid Spells completely from them. I think this Suggestion would make People think twice before they choose a Race but will in the end not restrict anyone too much, because as I mention before, you won't be using Spells and Abilities from every single Specc anyway. On another Note, I think some Spells should be put together, like the three Paladin Judgements or taming, calling and reviving a Hunter pet.
  5. Abstract In this thread I am going to go back through the changelog and identify a few balance changes that illustrate a lack of gameplay mechanical consideration by the developers who pushed them through. I will also look at the overall structure of the balance system on Ascension and point out what I feel are deficiencies in its operation. The main focus is pve, but I do touch upon pvp at the same time. On a personal note If this comes across as overly ‘whiny’ or condescending, then I offer sincere apologies, but I honestly have found a lot of the recent balance decisions discussed in this post pretty painful and frustrating to watch rolling out, compounded by the fact that I have only been able to discuss this of the absolute briefest terms with one developer and one admin. I would like to give my appreciation to the staff that have responded however, they did in a fair and concise manner (if a little light on detail). What is frustrating is I know for a fact that some players on ascension have a direct line with developers and seem to have a lot of influence too. I have seen a few players discussing changes days before patches drop. I was assured by a frustrated/defeated arena opponent that my spec would be specifically nerfed in an upcoming patch (and surprise surprise, it was). In addition, my personal interpretation is the developers on ascension are more knowledgeable with making pvp balance changes than pve. The TLDR is i won’t be holding back opinions or assertions I make in this thread. When possible, I will support with facts but due to the nature of the server and lack of a true development realm there will be a level of subjectivity. Introduction and Overview On a first note, I think that most of the balance changes made here on Ascension were the right calls and were made for the right reasons. Despite this, a few changes have clearly been highly reactionary and often break class mechanics for many builds that were often already under-represented on ascension. Many of these show a fundamental overlooking of the deeper pve mechanics that matter so much in 3.3.5a. On a second note, Project Ascension is advertised as a classless progressive server. However I believe several changes in the past few patches are undermining this very core fundamental promise of the server. The pve (and pvp) meta is rapidly solidifying on Ascension, and yet many of these changes do nothing but pigeonhole players into picking the easy 5 button dps builds that currently dominate on Ascension. In many ways build variety of Ascension is becoming worse than the class variety that existed in the 3.3.5a retail. On a third note, I am becoming concerned with the communication coming from the dev team on justifications and reasoning for many of these changes. The last balance blog was released on the 15th of March and was sparse on detail, something that needs to changed. If developers are going to make sweeping changes to talents and spells, a short written justification should really be provided. A 15min podcast on changes and why they were made would be a really nice idea. Part 1: Historical balance blunders The changelog is so broken here, I had to pull many of these changes from the website news feed. Overall what I have seen so far is the overall strategy of quick and heavy nerfs and a general lack of revision. Deadly and Instant Poison Both now have a 1s ICD Instant poison base and ap coefficient reduced by 50%. Deadly poison ap coefficient reduced by 25% (I think it is more than this from testing) These changes essentially make poison builds useless in pve. If a developer knew in detail how rogues worked in 3.3.5a, they would know that rogues used a fast offhand weapon, and would try to stack haste as much as possible. This is because once deadly poison reached a full stack, each reapplication would proc instant poison on the main hand. This mechanic could easily be 20%+ of a Rogue’s damage in pve – but the addition of a 1s ICD breaks scaling with haste and to a lesser extent energy regen. We also have to take into account that Envenom is not available at lvl 60, already resulting in a large dps and talent synergy loss for poison builds on ascension. Poisons are massively under-tuned on ascension – they see 0 use in pve, except perhaps for the 4% physical damage debuff from Savage Combat. Poisons see occasional use in pvp – purely because of Deadly brew for the pvp utility, not for the damage. The gap between poisons and windfury on ascension is just enormous. Windfury easily deals 2x the dps of all poison effects combined, and scales much better. The consequence of these haphazard balance changes is that dual daggers is absent from pve entirely, and not used much in pvp either. I talk more about the bad state of weapon enhancement balancing here: Overall the changes to poisons indicate a lack of understanding of rogue pve class mechanics in 3.3.5a. Deadly brew builds being overpowered in pvp at one point long ago could have been dealt with by alternative changes that would not destroy viability in pve. I also recognise that @Jacob has commented on both posts and am greatfull for him doing so. I still think these are such significant issues (and yet reasonably simple to re-balance) that they deserve a mention in this thread. Sheath of Light and Mental Quickness These two talents possibly now hold the title of the most heavily nerfed talents on ascension. Legacy changes combined with a today’s crushing patch change effectively locks players out from playing melee spell casting hybrids with high end viability. (Yet healers and spell caster healing is unaffected) Sheath of light first had its base attack power to spell power scaling nerfed by 70%! In addition the HOT bonus was nerfed by 50%. Then in the most recent patch, the developers decided it needed to be nerfed more and just removed the healing bonus altogether. Mental Quickness also had it’s ap→sp conversion reduced to the same degree and its healing torn away. In addition, these talents do not gain any bonus for certain attack power modifiers like Savage Combat or Armored to the Teeth (I support that change but it is an important note to make). I don’t even really know where to start with these changes, so I will talk a little bit about the philosophy of spellsword builds. The Spellsword Spellswords function a lot like Retribution/Enhancement builds in 3.3.5a. They invest heavily (6+ TE) into Sheath of Light/Mental Quickness/Touched by the Light to gain the ability to integrate spell damage into their rotation. Generally, they will also invest 3-6 talents into mana return mechanics (or just lifetap) for sustainability. (Yes lifetap is a huge problem that I will make another post on). Perhaps the developers do not spend as much time as they should reading recount logs, but these builds actually fall behind in pve on ascension, due to the fact that their spell damage would not scale as-well as a pure melee builds weapon damage did. Spellswords definitely do decent damage in dungeon content and (low geared) pvp, but fall behind quite severely in the raiding environment. So if the advantage of these specs was not raw damage, what was it? Utility. These builds would generally heal about 30% more than pure melee builds, enabling them to offheal in certain situations, maybe put an Earthshield on the offtank or selfheal on certain high raid damage encounters. Remember most pvp specs run with a healing debuff, so the additional healing spellswords could take was already partially nullified). Ret(Holy based builds) for example could toss out art of war flash of lights using macros in combat, just as they did in Wotlk retail pve. Not anymore. Art of war is now severely depleted in effectiveness for any melee hybrid dps build. Is anyone really going to spec 2 points to get a decently hard hitting 15s crit proc spell attack (exorcism) and a (now) pathetic instant flash of light that might heal for 450 if you are lucky? This talent might as well just be removed from the game and replaced with something else in the current state (maelstrom weapon is now pretty bad too) – not to mention the flash of lights were already under-tuned due to the absence of sacred shield at lvl 60 that would give a 50% critical strike chance on FOL every 6s. Oh yeah and Seal of light is now rubbish for any spellsword build. But wait it still scales with attack power so it will actually be better with the meta ap/armor stacking build than a traditional hybrid build. Its curious that these talents have been nerfed over 70%, but bread and butter talents like armoured to the teeth (picked up by 80% of melee builds) have not seen any changes. I really would love to see developers actually justify these changes on an individual basis. I have a suspicion that they nerfed these talents not because of spellsword builds but healers were picking these spells (they could have just baked in a core-side spirit or mp5 penalty). There are so many other ways this could have been addressed, but the developers went for the quick and dirty solution. The gutting of the Retribution tree The retribution tree now exists on Ascension as a nice pathway for inner fire stacking armoured to the teeth windfury builds to boost their damage a few percent with the bonus crit talents and seal of command, and maybe a decent mana return for tanks (JotW). The recent patch has all but destroyed what limited utility a retribution build had left, now being totally unable to heal any more than a pure melee dps build and now totally inferior to a dot or single nuke based caster. Let's look at the long list of bad changes: As a prerequisite note, I support the baseline nerfing of SOR/SOC and judgement, players should have to invest to make these spells hit hard, the problem is with the other stuff Vengeance on retail added 9% physical and Holy damage. On ascension the physical component was removed altogether. Overly nerfed, the physical component should have been removed and the holy component buffed to at least 15%. Seals: No longer proc on special attacks. A good change in theory as these should not have been proccing of hemo and windfury, but wait what about Crusader strike, Judgement and Divine storm, surely paladin specific attacks should still proc seals as Blizzard intended. Nope, nerfed. You can read more about the consequences of this ner heref: project-ascension.com/forum/index.php?/topic/176-weapon-enhancement-balance-issues/ The TLDR is that it makes these ret based instant strikes redundant. Who will pick a 75% weapon damage Crusader Strike over Bloodthirst and it’s 50% ap scaling or the spammable energy dump hemo. No one will, and no one does. It's a joke that a ret build has to invest 10 TE into improved seal damage talents, and then they still only consist of ~6% total dps. If these seals procced off paladin special attacks (Judge/CS/DS) this would rise to ~13% dps, a much more respectable number. Art of War: I already talked about this one. 50%+ of this talents utility was gutted with the recent nerfs to Sheath of Light and Mental Quickness. 450 heal flash of lights just do not cut it. Seal of Righteousness is actually one of the most painful nerfs. So spell power scaling has already been damaged across the Ret paladin tree. Surely the original paladin dps seal should still scale nicely with a spellsword build? Nope. This spell now does a static 15% autoattack holy damage. The consequence of this is that a current-meta armored to the teeth stacking melee/ap build will see far more of a bonus from this spell than a dedicated spellsword. Literally, the developers just made this spell better for non-spellswords. And make no mistake, every standard melee build will still pick a seal for the passive 3-4% damage boost that it provides. Shield slam and Devastate: I will not hide behind the justification that just because this is a classless realm these abilities should have been as strong as they were. They clearly did too much damage and scaled too well. The developers decided, that rather than fix the scaling they would only enable the use of these spells in defensive stance. Seems good then, a 10% damage and bigger AE investment nerf should do the trick? Nope. Let's say a boss fight is about to start where only two tanks are needed. Say a third prot-warrior tank who is not needed on a boss fight can dps without the threat of screwing up the tanks agro. Well, by gating these spells behind defensive stance, any tank turned dps on a boss gets to sit back and autoattack. They can’t put on dps gear and do damage, because they are locked behind the defensive stance threat modifier on devastate/shield slam and will likely pull aggro and die, probably wiping the raid in the process. These attacks should be usable in battle stance at the very least. If the damage needs re-tuned then do it but don’t unfairly lock out the use of abilities like this please... Part 2: Things that could be improved Working, searchable changelog with detailed descriptions of the changes and a brief note on the reasoning Smaller more frequent balance changing patches (small enough to not require client change) should be phased in A balance blog/podcast should be released everytime game changing balance decisions are made More dev attention should be payed to recount and damage meters - perhaps GMs should join MC raids and make data dumps from recount logs to see what specs/spells are performing well and which are not More avenues of communication (this seems to gradually be improving so a good start here at least) More general attention to pve balance (pvp feedback seems more heavily weighted) A long hard look needs to be made at many of the old historical 'balance' changes made to the game Again if this overall post comes across as overly aggressive, then I offer my apologies for that was not the intent. It's still something I needed to get of my chest and I think it should be heard. Also this post was primarily focused on melee and hybrids. I might make a separate one for the issues with caster balancing at a later date.
  6. I didn't spend all too long on this but it's been fairly useful for myself for planning out a few other documents and ideas and putting together class builds on other sheets so I thought I'd upload and share my lists with the rest of the forums. The document includes all spells currently available sorted by class similar to the way it's done in game. All spells are listed in order by the level required and have 4 other attributes labeled 'AE Cost', 'Spell Classification', 'Spell Type', and 'Cast Type'. Each corresponds to a different aspect of the spell. AE Cost is the amount of Ability Essence it currently costs to obtain the spell. Spell Classification is a label based on how the spell works, Damage for spells that do damage, buffs for spells that apply buffs, and more. Spell Type denotes what the range of the spell is, either Ranged, Melee, or N/A for self buff type spells. Cast Type corresponds to the type of casting the spell incurs, such as Casted, Channeled, Instant, or Passive. Enjoy! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11GMX9Br5wg4WKYBe8HAkUYMMDDayjCkd5Y51cekoUeY/pubhtml

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