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  1. http://www.strawpoll.me/12608099 There has been a big discussion on reddit and different youtube comment sections regarding the cost of the "ability/talent resets" where many people, including me, want to be changed (if possible). In the current state it does feel like the "reset system" punishes people for experimenting with different builds even though that is one of the biggest aspects of this server and IS the selling point of project-ascension. As a player, it does not encourage me to do any different from someone else and instead, makes me choose to roll with the current builds that has been posted on the forums since they have been tested. How unoriginal and tideous would that be? In many cases you get screwed over due to the talent tooltips are misleading or simply wrong , or migh only work with that particular class and spec. As a "classless" server there's a lot of things that does not work when combined, and it seems like it is up to the players to figure these things out. As a highly PVP oriented server, there is a high necessity for constantly changing your build until you are satisfied and I do think that the resets should be free. Do people here agree with me on this topic? Or would you feel that if resets are "free" the server might be too casual for your taste? I do know that the cost of the reset will progressively become more expensive, but do we really want that? The server is HARDCORE and COMPLEX enough as it is. I do not think that by making the resets free the server will instantly become "too casual". There has been a suggestion that the "Reset Essences" should be on the loot table, but this does only benefit the PVE:ER, I belive? Maybe a similar system for the PVPER where you can buy the "Reset Essences" with honor if you guys really think that FREE resets is too casual. Here's a poll where you can VOTE on this matter. I'm utterly curious if you feel like me or not. (I'm sorry if this discussion has been discussed over and over again... but I could only find one post regarding this) : http://www.strawpoll.me/12608099

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