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Found 4 results

  1. Hello fellow Ascension players! Random enchants are freaking awesome, right? ..RIGHT?! Anyways we decided we would make more of them and while we were at it we realized you guys probably have some great ideas! So if you ever thought you had an idea for the perfect RE now is your time to shine! We mostly want 5-pointers or 1-pointers. Example: Firepower 1/2/3/4/5% fire damage, or single pointers such as Juggernaut. (That said, great 2- or 3-pointers are welcome too!) Below are two examples on how we would like you to format your suggestions! --- Firepower, 5p 1% Fire damage 2% Fire damage 3% Fire damage 4% Fire damage 5% Fire damage Comment: Increases the player fire damage by 1/2/3/4/5% --- Juggernaut, 1p Your Charge ability is now usable while in combat, but the cooldown on Charge is increased by 5 sec. Following a Charge, your next Slam or Mortal Strike has an additional 25% chance to critically hit if used within 10 sec. Comment: Would be cool! --- Remember these are suggestions! If your RE isn't chosen don't be sad, maybe there already is one that does the same thing. Go crazy people, we can do pretty much anything.. within the realm of reason!
  2. Heroes! As I'm sure you've seen, our new Random Enchantment Overhaul is set for release sometime in December. Before that time comes, we'd like to ask you for your help! The new system will add a limit to the number of random enchantments players can stack. Our goal here is to not only encourage creative build variety, but also to limit the allure of "stack 17 of the same RE and win the game" (Looking at you, Booming Echoes). Our hope is that random enchantments become a way to supplement your preferred spec, with players finding the RE's that work best for their unique build, rather than encouraging players to create an entire spec around the strength of one RE. We're hoping to see a lot more unique builds come release! That said, we have a question for you all that we need your vote on: should RE's stack to a maximum of 3, or a maximum of 5? Where would you like the line to be drawn? How much impact should random enchantments have on a build? This is your chance to let your voice be heard! Please feel free to write your thoughts below after voting, and we will be heavily relying on this poll when deciding the fate of RE stacking. Thank you, Heroes!
  3. Heroes! The Random Enchantment Overhaul is coming. This update will forever change the power and method by which players use and build specs around RE’s. Before we drop such an enormous change on you, we’d like to give you a bit of information to help you better prepare for one of our biggest updates yet. Here’s a quick overview: Current Random Enchantments on your gear will not be wiped The RE stacking Limit will be reduced to 5 Current RE’s will be getting re-tuned to account for the new 5-stack-limit Certain RE’s will still not be stackable Mystic Runes will be reset or replaced when we introduce the new system Lets Dive In: (1) Current Random Enchantments on your gear will not be wiped Worry not, Heroes: your enchantments are safe. In addition, anything you collect between now and the RE Overhaul will also be safe. No one is loosing any RE’s! (2) The RE stacking limit will be reduced to 5 The new system will limit all Random Enchantment stacking to 5; all RE’s, regardless of rank, will adhere to this limit. Now is a great time to start tweaking your builds and gear to account for the change! (3) Current RE’s may be getting re-tuned to account for the 5-Stack-Limitation With all RE’s being limited to 5, we might need to go through and re-tune a few of them to make sure they are giving players the boost they deserve. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if some RE’s need a tweak. (4) Certain RE’s will still not be stackable As much as we would love players transforming into race cars, we still can’t have you stacking 15% movespeed 5 times. Certain RE’s will be non-stackable, just as they are now. (5) Mystic Runes will be reset or replaced when we introduce the new system Use them up before the system goes live! We’re projecting the release of the RE Overhaul sometime in December, and will be announcing it at least ONE WEEK before it goes live to give you a final chance to prepare. Consider this the preliminary announcement! Get ready, Heroes. The Random Enchantment Overhaul is going to change the way you experience Ascension for the better.
  4. Hi, Have you spend over a thousand gold to try and get the effect you want on an item and still not get it? My suggestion is that we have a way of transferring the effect of one item to another (for a fee). Either removing the effect from the item and turning it in a consumable which you then can put on another item, or just have 2 items in the reforger and they swap or something. I know this might make it a lot easier to get BiS items but after having spend around 3000g on reforges and still not getting the effect I need makes it a bit frustrating. I would rather pay a fee of 1k or 2k even to transfer an effect onto another item.

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