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  1. Hey guys, I was running around picking new Abilities and noticed that I won't be picking an Ability from every single Specc. I also noticed that some Abilities and Spells are so good that most people will take them, regardless of their Playstyle. If this keeps up, when the Server goes life ater a while we will only see 4 to 5 different viable speccs. So why not mix Things up and take a few Speccs away, depending on what Race you play. Of course only Abilities and Spells, I would not change their access to Talents. For Example ; Tauren can hardly sneak around with their hooves and huge bodies, so why not remove Rogue Speccs like Assassination and Subtelty? They could still use Abilities from the Combat Specc and if you want to sneak around then just play cat. Or Undead; remove the Holy and Disciplin Priest Specc and all 3 Paladins Speccs for that Race, makes a lot of Sense Lore wise. Humans can't use Nature Magic, so remove the Druid and Shaman Spells for them, maybe even Beast Master Hunter Specc. Nightelves refuse to use Arcane Magic so remove the three Mage Speccs. Of course for all Races so one Race isn't much worse then the others. With only 30 Spells and Abilities per Character people won't be able to take a Spell from every Specc anyway. And when I see a player now, I can have atleast some Idea as to what to expect based on their Race. I would personaly go even further and say Undead would hardly use Nature Magic either, remove Shaman and Druid Spells completely from them. I think this Suggestion would make People think twice before they choose a Race but will in the end not restrict anyone too much, because as I mention before, you won't be using Spells and Abilities from every single Specc anyway. On another Note, I think some Spells should be put together, like the three Paladin Judgements or taming, calling and reviving a Hunter pet.

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