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Found 9 results

  1. Heroes! As I'm sure you've seen, our new Random Enchantment Overhaul is set for release sometime in December. Before that time comes, we'd like to ask you for your help! The new system will add a limit to the number of random enchantments players can stack. Our goal here is to not only encourage creative build variety, but also to limit the allure of "stack 17 of the same RE and win the game" (Looking at you, Booming Echoes). Our hope is that random enchantments become a way to supplement your preferred spec, with players finding the RE's that work best for their unique build, rather than encouraging players to create an entire spec around the strength of one RE. We're hoping to see a lot more unique builds come release! That said, we have a question for you all that we need your vote on: should RE's stack to a maximum of 3, or a maximum of 5? Where would you like the line to be drawn? How much impact should random enchantments have on a build? This is your chance to let your voice be heard! Please feel free to write your thoughts below after voting, and we will be heavily relying on this poll when deciding the fate of RE stacking. Thank you, Heroes!
  2. Heroes, We would like your feedback on the subject of new and/or modified mechanics within our raid environments on Ascension. The options are as follows: New/Modified Mechanics - The Ascension Team will modify existing mechanics, and create new mechanics that make the raiding experience more enjoyable and stimulating. 100% Blizzlike Mechanics - The Ascension Team will replicate the encounters exactly as they were within the original version of World of Warcraft. Custom mechanics are separate from the statistical increase that our encounters receive. This means that damage, health, and other statistics are scaled in a way to appropriately affect the classless system of Project Ascension. Regardless of custom mechanics, the statistics of enemies will still be modified to better accommodate the classless system. Keep in mind that fully new or modified mechanics do not necessarily mean an overhaul of all original aspects of an encounter, but only add to the difficulty of defeating your enemies. Currently on Project Ascension, the damage and health inside of encounters is increased, regardless of modified or additional mechanics. Our goal is to create a more dynamic and challenging raid environment, while still maintaining the integrity of the encounters that you face. Bosses and creatures inside of raids will always match their theme and original feel, and any custom mechanics that may be added will only expand upon the encounter’s base elements. We appreciate your opinions and feedback, and hope to improve the raid environment for you, your friends, and the community! Feel free to leave replies and comments below!
  3. Heroes, We need your feedback on whether or not you would like Cross Faction World Chat on Andorhal! Let us know what you think either way by leaving a reply below. We appreciate your feedback and use it to make decisions that increase your enjoyment on Project-Ascension!
  4. Heroes, We would like your feedback on whether or not you feel Andorhal should allow multiboxing, and why! Please leave your comments below, and vote on the poll! We appreciate your participation and dedication to Project Ascension!
  5. Heroes, We have asked your opinions on different aspects of the Sargeras realm, and you have responded! This post will serve as an update on the realm, and will help to prepare you for playing on Sargeras! Raid Sizes Raid Sizes on Sargeras have been decided on by the community! Raids on Sargeras will be 25-man moving forward, and will allow for groups to be more easily formed and managed. The results of this poll indicated that 80% of the playerbase agreed on 25-mans being the definitive size. Thank you for your feedback! Experience Rates This was more of a complicated matter. A lot of opinions became clear through feedback, and we worked diligently on a solution that could benefit the player base as a whole. Experience rates will be set at a standard of 3x, with the majority of the community voting for this number (70%). However there is another option available to you as a player… The Scroll of Resolution will be available from a vendor within each starting area. The scroll will be free of cost, and will give you the option of switching permanently to 1x experience rates. Your character will be given the exclusive and illustrious title of “the Resolute”, and this scroll must be used at level 1. The Book of Ascension The poll on this thread is designed to help us determine if the Book of Ascension will be available immediately upon release, or if there would be a delay. The delay would be determined by you, with these options: the first players reaching level 60 on both the Horde and Alliance, a time delay of one month, or an immediate availability. We thank you for your participation, feedback, and commitment to Project-Ascension.
  6. Heroes, It is time to cast your vote on what you think the Experience rates on Sargeras should be upon release! We value your feedback and are looking forward to hearing from you. Thank You!
  7. Hello Heroes! We need your opinion on Raid Sizes. The question is do you want 40-man raid groups, or 25-man raid groups on Sargeras? We would like to hear your thoughts on this subject, and the results of the poll will help us move forward in decision making for the server! Leave your comments below, and we thank you for your time and participation in making Ascension a community driven experience!
  8. http://www.strawpoll.me/12608099 There has been a big discussion on reddit and different youtube comment sections regarding the cost of the "ability/talent resets" where many people, including me, want to be changed (if possible). In the current state it does feel like the "reset system" punishes people for experimenting with different builds even though that is one of the biggest aspects of this server and IS the selling point of project-ascension. As a player, it does not encourage me to do any different from someone else and instead, makes me choose to roll with the current builds that has been posted on the forums since they have been tested. How unoriginal and tideous would that be? In many cases you get screwed over due to the talent tooltips are misleading or simply wrong , or migh only work with that particular class and spec. As a "classless" server there's a lot of things that does not work when combined, and it seems like it is up to the players to figure these things out. As a highly PVP oriented server, there is a high necessity for constantly changing your build until you are satisfied and I do think that the resets should be free. Do people here agree with me on this topic? Or would you feel that if resets are "free" the server might be too casual for your taste? I do know that the cost of the reset will progressively become more expensive, but do we really want that? The server is HARDCORE and COMPLEX enough as it is. I do not think that by making the resets free the server will instantly become "too casual". There has been a suggestion that the "Reset Essences" should be on the loot table, but this does only benefit the PVE:ER, I belive? Maybe a similar system for the PVPER where you can buy the "Reset Essences" with honor if you guys really think that FREE resets is too casual. Here's a poll where you can VOTE on this matter. I'm utterly curious if you feel like me or not. (I'm sorry if this discussion has been discussed over and over again... but I could only find one post regarding this) : http://www.strawpoll.me/12608099
  9. Yo guys! So I've heard ALOT of discussion and debate in regards to... servers. To clarify, I mean the hardcore aspects of the game. As you guys may or may not know the devs have said that we are currently playing on the medium core beta version of Ascension. They have also said that the game will be launching with 3 servers: softcore, mediumcore, and hardcore. Now while I have NO idea what exactly the differences will be between the servers, I do remember Ascension devs mentioning that they themselves don't know what's going to be the differentiating factor for them. The main concern I've noticed in Ascension usually revolves around PvP and the loot drop mechanic. I've heard many people argue for and against this, and truth be told I'm not here to debate which is superior. In my opinion both are great, they're simply tailored for different play styles. Now that that's out of the way, I can get to the point of this thread. I want to take a poll as to what exactly should be in the softcore and mediumcore versions of Ascension. The devs haven't revealed exactly what their plans are for hardcore so for now I'll leave it out. Please vote by typing the number of the option you'd like (or copy and paste, whatever you prefer) for both the softcore and mediumcore servers. I wish I had a proper poll (in the forums) to use for this but sadly I don't. I'll post my own response for you guys to use as a example. Softcore - 1) No pvp, no loot drop, no hunger 2) No pvp, no loot drop, hunger 3) Free for all pvp, no loot drop, no hunger 4) Free for all pvp, no loot drop, hunger Mediumcore - 1) Free for all pvp, no loot drop, no hunger 2) Free for all pvp, no loot drop, hunger 3) Free for all pvp, loot drop, hunger

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