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  1. Guest

    Hunter beasts feedback thread

    Hello Ascension players!! I'm making another feedback thread as the one about feral feedback gave us a great deal of insight into how you prefer to play! We're willing to keep these threads coming as long as you're willing to indulge us with your thoughts and opinions! (I will continue monitoring the past thread so don't feel you're too late to the party if you're only now joining us!) ----- In this thread we'll be talking about hunter pets and we would love some feedback on pet gameplay and what you feel and think about our beast sidekicks! This topic may feel a bit broad as the investment of AE and TE into your pet will vary greatly from player to player. We do not want nor will we accept that players feel forced into picking up a pet, it should be a meaningful decision with a comparable cost to strength equation. Our general pet design that we are currently working towards focuses on putting more of your pets basic values(hp/mana and damage) into talents while leaving the utility cheap. We think this will allow for skillful play and counterplay in both PvE and PvP. Notice your enemy went cheap on his pets hp? Pound that pussy! (I'm so fired.) Anyways, here are some guidelines to what we want to discuss with you! (if you feel your topic is missing it's even more important you share!!) How does it currently feel having a hunter pet? Is the AI okay? Do you feel picking up a pet is worthwhile compared to the investment? How do you feel about the current state of pet-oriented abilities like: Tame pet, Revive pet, Mend pet etc? We have talked about a pet-package(with multiple abilities at a discount) not unlike the portal mastery. Is there anything you would like to see implemented(or maybe removed)? What makes a good pet class? How do you want to as play or against pet users? Anything you feel worthwhile adding, please do. We are not making any promises and we have our own design in mind. That said.. this is your chance to shape Ascension to encompass your preferred playstyle! Remember that we are mostly asking for feedback regarding playstyle and gameplay rather than actual strength. We can and will tweak numbers as we go along! Any questions or opinions regarding topics other than beast pet playstyle will be ignored. (maybe we'll accept some input regarding demons if it's related)

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