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Found 5 results

  1. Heroes, It is time to cast your vote on what you think the Experience rates on Sargeras should be upon release! We value your feedback and are looking forward to hearing from you. Thank You!
  2. Heroes, This thread is dedicated to helping us serve you. We would appreciate your feedback on the recent weekend event, as it will help us ensure that the most important issues that need to be fixed get addressed. Here are some examples of information we are looking for from your input in the following categories: Systems Functionality Accessibility of realm and uptime NPCs functioning correctly Custom User Interface working properly (Talents, Spellbook, Spell Selection, Random Enchants, etc.) Creature Behavior (AI) Spell and Balance functionality Website Accessibility Any other system(s) related behavior Communications Staff Presence, Responsiveness, and Helpfulness Continued Updates Online Presence (Was there enough “hype”?) Ease of Knowledge (Did you know the event was happening and what it entailed?) Please use the template below in order to give us your feedback. Copy and paste the code into your post to fill it out. Use the category list from above in order to describe the issues you may have faced, or the positive impact something had. Template: Copy and Paste from inside this box: Please type outside of the bold bracket coding. Please keep all feedback related to the Weekend Event and conditions you experienced as a part of it. We thank you for your involvement in making Ascension an even greater place to play!
  3. Guest

    Hunter beasts feedback thread

    Hello Ascension players!! I'm making another feedback thread as the one about feral feedback gave us a great deal of insight into how you prefer to play! We're willing to keep these threads coming as long as you're willing to indulge us with your thoughts and opinions! (I will continue monitoring the past thread so don't feel you're too late to the party if you're only now joining us!) ----- In this thread we'll be talking about hunter pets and we would love some feedback on pet gameplay and what you feel and think about our beast sidekicks! This topic may feel a bit broad as the investment of AE and TE into your pet will vary greatly from player to player. We do not want nor will we accept that players feel forced into picking up a pet, it should be a meaningful decision with a comparable cost to strength equation. Our general pet design that we are currently working towards focuses on putting more of your pets basic values(hp/mana and damage) into talents while leaving the utility cheap. We think this will allow for skillful play and counterplay in both PvE and PvP. Notice your enemy went cheap on his pets hp? Pound that pussy! (I'm so fired.) Anyways, here are some guidelines to what we want to discuss with you! (if you feel your topic is missing it's even more important you share!!) How does it currently feel having a hunter pet? Is the AI okay? Do you feel picking up a pet is worthwhile compared to the investment? How do you feel about the current state of pet-oriented abilities like: Tame pet, Revive pet, Mend pet etc? We have talked about a pet-package(with multiple abilities at a discount) not unlike the portal mastery. Is there anything you would like to see implemented(or maybe removed)? What makes a good pet class? How do you want to as play or against pet users? Anything you feel worthwhile adding, please do. We are not making any promises and we have our own design in mind. That said.. this is your chance to shape Ascension to encompass your preferred playstyle! Remember that we are mostly asking for feedback regarding playstyle and gameplay rather than actual strength. We can and will tweak numbers as we go along! Any questions or opinions regarding topics other than beast pet playstyle will be ignored. (maybe we'll accept some input regarding demons if it's related)
  4. Hey, So as most of the level 60 player base already knows, the PvP gear has a ridiculous grind attached to it. For the sake of beta, I decided to give it a go and get a single piece of PvP gear, here is my feedback: First thing I had to do was decide between the many quest options given in order to figure out which would be easiest/quickest. The difficulty of these quests varies massively. One required you to farm level 48 mobs with a 3% drop chance, another required you to kill level 58+ elite mobs also with a 3% drop chance, not balanced at all. I ended up choosing to grind the un'goro crystal collection quest because of guaranteed drops and the chance to gain between 1-3 in any node it seemed like the best bet when most of the quests require 140 of an item for a piece of gear. It took just under 4 hours to collect enough crystals for one piece of gear. I did zero pvp whilst doing this. It would take over a day of in-game playtime to grind the marks of ascension for a full set, which I would be fine with if I was doing something fun, but this was horribly boring just grinding my arse off. None of these quests related at all to doing PvP beyond just forcing you into the world, hell all the materials to complete the quests could be sold on the AH. Also, I just want to point out that un'goro was uncontested when I grinded, I can't begin to imagine the headache of there being 5 people all trying to gather crystals at the same time, each piece of gear would take more like 12 hours of play time,not even factoring in dropping the damn things. The stats on the gear are not proportional to the time investment. There's a lot of PvE gear that's better which could be acquired more easily and actually have fun running dungeons at the same time. The only thing I can really see going for the PvP gear is the high stamina or the stacking of spell power 2-set bonuses, but that's a minimal gain for such a lot of work. My suggestions: Before I start, I acknowledge that the system is likely incomplete but these suggestions are for the current system in place. If we're given an idea of what other features are going to be implemented it's likely we wouldn't point out things you're already intending to change. Okay, so what actually is the purpose of having so many quests? There's too many of them, there will be 3 optimal ones to pick depending on contested farming areas and that's it. I fail to see why someone who wants PvP gear has to do loads of grinding while a PvE player can do the content they want to do, and run dungeons. Equally, it's not even remotely interesting/epic like the D2 set quests. What's the purpose of PvP gear in Ascension? How is PvP gear going to differ from PvE gear if at all? Personally, I'm fine with PvE raid gear being BiS for PvP, but when dungeon gear is better it's kinda hard to justify trying to get PvP gear. On the flipside, if PvP gear is best for PvP, then everyone would be using it with little options in gear choice, so it's not an easy thing to balance. This is what I would do: 1. Scrap these god-awful quests, there are other ways to encourage wPvP, hamstringing people's gear progression by shoving it in their face is not the way. 2. Have two PvP gear sets: One can be purchased with honor points and is the gear on offer right now. The second set has two ways of being purchased, this gear would be better than dungeon gear: The pieces of gear are gated behind PvP reputations such as Silverwing Sentinels. Gear is gated behind arena rating. WoW is built around instanced content, this doesn't diminish wPvP at all, I enjoy wPvP but it shouldn't be the way to get PvP gear. I get that the system I'm suggesting requires more activity in instanced PvP and hopefully this a good way to encourage it. The first set of gear would require a similar investment time as running dungeons. The second set is gated by either skill or grind. These are my thoughts, it would be great to hear other's opinions too
  5. Dear GM's + Whomever is interested As the title reads, I only just hit level 60 yesterday after a good 2-3 weeks of having fun leveling here. I decided to throw together a quick post with a bit of feedback from my experience leveling a fresh char. I want to start out with saying that I had an absolute blast and can't wait for the full release to come along! During my leveling I have made a lot of friends, and even a few enemies! all in good fun! Down to binnis! Mob Scripting here is by large VERY good, LoS pulling is a thing u can do vs casters, and patrol patterns of NPC's are often on the spot!(Galak scout in 1kN actually "Runs" his path, and is hard to catch up to even with aspect of the cheeta, Scarlet oracle / currier in EPL also walks the correct paths between strath and tyrs hand!) obviously there is flaws here and there, occationally you will run into a mob (mind the singular term) who clips into the ground, but its rare and far between. Mobs also tend to cast spells on eachother when needed (Heals especially) which is also a good sign of proper scripting! The strength of NPC's feels pretty good as well, it is obviously a breeze if you create a proper "killing machine" leveling spec, but they should probably not be overtuned to counter that since it would only force the meta even more. The Custom UI features feel solid for a beta, could do with a slight overhaul of maybe specific colours for specific classes when viewing the ability / talent page (Before you click on either side, there is a slight glow effect, this is the same for all classes, minor thing). One suggestion I want to raise is to have something like a "Free" respec once every 20/30 levels (20,40,60 or 30,60) this could open for more people trying out more original specs, and more experimentation. My overall experience has so far been awesome, Loving the community (Even you world chat trolls) and I really enjoy chatting to you Devs in world, how you guys treat beta with interacting with your community, asking how changes feel etc. Is amazing. Looking forward to more adventures and crazy buildmaking with yall in the future, and cant wait to hit the "Live" realm when it goes up. Much love. -Pilkinton.

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