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Found 5 results

  1. Heroes of Ascension! With the advent of our latest balance update (which you can find on our Changelog here: https://project-ascension.com/changelog) we have placed the Master of Resets and the Book of Skillful Ascension in Stormwind and Orgrimmar on both Andorhal and Sargeras! For the next 12 hours, please enjoy some Purges as you test our latest changes. In addition, we fixed Bear Form! Hooray! The Books will remain active until 8:00am Server Time.
  2. Heroes, Release is near, and we want to celebrate with you after our journey through Beta! Starting on July 10th at 6:00pm CEST, the following changes will occur on Andorhal and Sargeras: All safe zones, including cities and taverns, will be disabled. You will be attackable anywhere, and at anytime! You will not be able to group up with anyone, you are alone! All Honorable Kill counts will be reset to zero. Permanent Death is active! When you are killed, your character will be unable to move or complete any actions. The player with the most Honorable Kills by the shutdown of the realms will be proclaimed the winner. The winners of the event will obtain the exclusive one-time title of “the Annihilator” on the live realms. Good luck to everyone, Happy Hunting, and thank you for all of your continued support!
  3. Heroes of Ascension, With our official release dates for live servers, and the desire to include you into our growing community, we would like to offer you a chance for something special! Three lucky winners of this contest will receive an awesome reward: The third place winner will be receiving a Savage Raptor mount! Show the community your dino as you travel throughout Azeroth! The second place winner will be receiving the Magical Rooster mount! Give an early morning wake up call with this giant bird! The first place winner will be receiving the coveted Swift Spectral Tiger mount! Show off this amazing beast as you tear across Azeroth and enjoy Ascension! So how do you win? All you have to do is comment on this post, like it (or love it!), and share this post onto Facebook. You will then be eligible to win the prizes above, and a random selection will determine the winners! This contest will be active until July 14th, at 12:00am CEST. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to earn these great prizes, and spread the word of Ascension’s live release! Disclaimer: Prizes are to be given out upon live release of the servers, happening on the 14th of July and 21st of July. Limit is one (1) entry per player or individual, no exceptions. Eligibility is determined by sharing, liking, and commenting on this post. Names of participants will be cross-referenced in order to guarantee eligibility of rewards. Duplicate entries, cheating, or any other form of malpractice will result in disqualification from the contest. Project-Ascension reserves all rights to this contest, including reward distribution and changes to dates or times of the contest. You can find the Facebook Post HERE! Don't forget to like our page!
  4. Heroes, This thread is dedicated to helping us serve you. We would appreciate your feedback on the recent weekend event, as it will help us ensure that the most important issues that need to be fixed get addressed. Here are some examples of information we are looking for from your input in the following categories: Systems Functionality Accessibility of realm and uptime NPCs functioning correctly Custom User Interface working properly (Talents, Spellbook, Spell Selection, Random Enchants, etc.) Creature Behavior (AI) Spell and Balance functionality Website Accessibility Any other system(s) related behavior Communications Staff Presence, Responsiveness, and Helpfulness Continued Updates Online Presence (Was there enough “hype”?) Ease of Knowledge (Did you know the event was happening and what it entailed?) Please use the template below in order to give us your feedback. Copy and paste the code into your post to fill it out. Use the category list from above in order to describe the issues you may have faced, or the positive impact something had. Template: Copy and Paste from inside this box: Please type outside of the bold bracket coding. Please keep all feedback related to the Weekend Event and conditions you experienced as a part of it. We thank you for your involvement in making Ascension an even greater place to play!
  5. INSTANT 60 WEEKEND #2 The second Instant Level 60 Event is upon us! During this weekend event, players will be able to test content, provide prudent feedback for developers and staff, and take part in activities that can get you some cool rewards! The Dungeoncrawler Title! During the event, players can complete the achievements for all available dungeons, which will earn them the exclusive title of "the Dungeoncrawler"! This title will carry over to our live realms, and will be unique, so get it while you can! There will also be organized raid events throughout the weekend. Look for the messages in game! The PvP Tournament This two day tournament will test your might against other players! Starting on Saturday, July 1st at 7:00 PM CEST (Server Time), players can be a part of a 3v3 tournament. On Saturday, the tournament is set up as a "round robin" style series of matches. If your team wins, you will receive 1 (one) point. After all of the teams have played a match, the points will be calculated, which will determine the seeding (or filling) of the elimination bracket on Sunday, July 2nd. On Sunday, July 2nd at 7:00 PM CEST (Server Time), the tournament becomes a double elimination bracket. Players who participated in the round robin event will be placed into a bracket system, and will play matches against other teams. The teams who win will be placed in a higher bracket, and those who lose have one more chance to win in order to stay in the tournament. If you lose twice, you are disqualified from the tournament. Once there are only two teams left, the championship round will commence. The winning team will receive the exclusive Tabard of Brute Force (pictured above). Prove your strength and win the PvP Tournament this weekend, and earn bragging rights and a cool tabard to boot! How to Sign Up In order to sign up for these events, please contact "Shifteh" in game, letting him know you want to attend the PvP Tournament. You can also find him on Discord (@Bawkswine#9148). PvE Events will be organized in game once they are about to happen! These events will also be streamed on our YouTube Channel! Remember to Subscribe! ~We are excited to see you in game! Come online and claim your rewards now!~

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