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  1. Do you enjoy Ascension? Do you want to support a project that will continue to provide quality content to you and the rest of the playerbase? Look no further than our Donation Shop! Donations cover server costs, maintenance, staffing, expansion, and upgrades. Your donations will go directly into making Project Ascension a server that you can be proud to play on. For more information about our policies on donations, here are a couple of resources: Our Terms of Service: Click Here. Our Privacy Policy and how we protect your information: Click Here. Our Refund Policy: Click Here. In order to donate and access the Donation Shop, go to your AV panel, and click on "Donate" in the right column. This will direct you to a page to select an amount, and then uses PayPal to complete the purchase. Note that donations to the server will show as "PROJECTASCENSION" on your billing statement. After donating, you will have Donation Points (DP) added to your account. These points can be used in the Donation Store for many different items, including mounts, cosmetics, advancement items, and more! Project Ascension and the staff thank you for your gracious donation. Your support means the continuation of the server we love! Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Ascension Guide. Here you will find different subjects that have been asked about, and the answers to those questions. Why aren't my skills fully ranked up at level 60? In Ascension, there are tomes that drop in the open world, which will allow you to learn the final rank(s) of certain skills. If you notice that you do not have the rank you want, you will need to go find it! Why is stealth so weak? Stealth has been severely nerfed in Project Ascension, as it is avaialble to anyone. In order to make your stealth stronger and more viable, put talent points into the "Master of Deception" talent within the Subtelty Rogue tree. This also effects Prowl in Cat Form. Can I have more than one pet? No. Players can only have one pet active at a time. Spells such as Ghost Wolf will also dismiss any currently active pet. Does the Looking For Group system work? Yes, the Looking For Group system works as intended. It helps you to form a group, but will not teleport you into the dungeon. How do I learn dual wield? Dual Wield can be found in the General Tab of the Character Advancement panel. I keep getting an error when logging in saying "System Unavailable. Please try again later.". What does this mean and how do I fix it? The system unavailable message is due to the PTR realm being chosen as the primary server when logging in, after the realm has been closed. In order to solve this, press escape quickly after entering your login information, before the error appears. You should be able to access another realm from this point. Make sure to rename or delete your WTF folder, and clear/delete your cache. More questions and answers will be added to this section as time continues. Thank you for reading this comprehensive guide to Project Ascension. We are so glad you have decided to take part in the adventure with us. NOTE: This guide and any or all parts of it may be changed at any time, with or without notice. Please place comments, questions, and responses below.
  2. We Need Your Help, Heroes (Forever, this time) Ascension Public Test Realm Opening Semi-Permanently Heroes! We here at Project Ascension strive to provide each and every one of you with an exciting, engaging, balanced, and--most importantly--an incredibly fun experience on Ascension. Whether it’s PvP, PvE, abilities, talents, or Random Enchantments, we want you to enjoy the heck out of it. To accomplish this, our team is constantly pouring over numbers, data, player feedback, the forums, Facebook, in-game tickets, and World Chat--as well as playing ourselves--to make sure we make the kind of changes that not only address what WE feel needs tweaking, but what YOU, the players, feel needs tweaking. We are constantly on our test realm checking our changes, finding bugs, testing systems, fixing problems, and planning ahead for future changes. We want to make absolutely certain that when we push a change, it’s not only something you want, but something that gets to you in a working state: bug free. To reach that, we’re constantly testing for bugs in our updates. But it’s not enough. Trying to bug-test with only a small handful of developers simply isn’t effective. We can’t find everything, and, regrettably, we sometimes spend more time fixing a system that goes live buggy than we do creating the system in the first place. We have a great team, but it’s a small one. It simply isn’t feasible for us to both push updates in a timely manner as well as bug fix. We could focus on bugs, but then new content would take forever to release. We can keep pushing content, like the new RE rework, but we’re afraid that it’s going to come to live buggy and cause more problems than it fixes. Even when all we want to do is make something objectively better--like doubling reputation gain in WSG and AB--there are times when we have to go back and revert changes because something we did broke BG queues in a way that we couldn’t have anticipated. All of this could be fixed if we had more people testing content before it was pushed to live; more voices heard, more interactions between the players and the developers, more problems found. If we had the community giving us feedback, telling us what works, what doesn’t, then we would be able to release so much more content so much faster. That’s why we’re asking you for help. We need you on our PTR Project Ascension is releasing a semi-permanent Public Test Realm(PTR) where players will be able to playtest changes the developers are in the process of making on Ascension before they are pushed to live. We call it “semi-permanent” because although it won’t be available 24/7, 365, it’s going to be up an awful lot of the time. On this realm, we will be testing changes, updates, balance packs, and tweaks two weeks before they hit live. During that two weeks, we’ll be counting on your help. We’ll be opening up a PTR forum and discord channel so that whatever you find, whatever you need to say, gets straight to us. Do you like a change we’re in the process of making? Tell us on the PTR forums. Are you the victim of some gamebreaking bug on the PTR that you don’t want to go to live? Post it on the PTR discord. Are battlegrounds taking 8 hours to pop? It’ll never see the light of day if we know about it, because we can fix it before it hits live. We’ll be checking both the forum and the discord channel nonstop, as well as hopping on the PTR ourselves for feedback, comments, criticism, conversation, and bug-testing. Additionally, the nature of the PTR will change depending on what we’re testing. It might occasionally be an instant 60 event, or have characters copied over from live realms. It may involve leveling specific PTR characters. The realm will change to be what we need it to be, but it will always be accomplishing the same thing: gathering player feedback for the health of Ascension. We NEED YOU, heroes, to use this PTR for bug and patch testing, and to give us feedback on the directions in which we take Project Ascension. What you have to say is incredibly valuable to us. We want to make Project Ascension the classless WoW experience that you’ve always dreamed of, and we hope by stopping bugs before they start, and getting your feedback on our systems, we’re making a step in that direction. We need you on the PTR, on the discord chat channel, and on the PTR forums, heroes. We’ll see you there.
  3. Heroes, We would like your feedback on the subject of new and/or modified mechanics within our raid environments on Ascension. The options are as follows: New/Modified Mechanics - The Ascension Team will modify existing mechanics, and create new mechanics that make the raiding experience more enjoyable and stimulating. 100% Blizzlike Mechanics - The Ascension Team will replicate the encounters exactly as they were within the original version of World of Warcraft. Custom mechanics are separate from the statistical increase that our encounters receive. This means that damage, health, and other statistics are scaled in a way to appropriately affect the classless system of Project Ascension. Regardless of custom mechanics, the statistics of enemies will still be modified to better accommodate the classless system. Keep in mind that fully new or modified mechanics do not necessarily mean an overhaul of all original aspects of an encounter, but only add to the difficulty of defeating your enemies. Currently on Project Ascension, the damage and health inside of encounters is increased, regardless of modified or additional mechanics. Our goal is to create a more dynamic and challenging raid environment, while still maintaining the integrity of the encounters that you face. Bosses and creatures inside of raids will always match their theme and original feel, and any custom mechanics that may be added will only expand upon the encounter’s base elements. We appreciate your opinions and feedback, and hope to improve the raid environment for you, your friends, and the community! Feel free to leave replies and comments below!
  4. Heroes, We need your feedback on whether or not you would like Cross Faction World Chat on Andorhal! Let us know what you think either way by leaving a reply below. We appreciate your feedback and use it to make decisions that increase your enjoyment on Project-Ascension!
  5. Heroes, We would like your feedback on whether or not you feel Andorhal should allow multiboxing, and why! Please leave your comments below, and vote on the poll! We appreciate your participation and dedication to Project Ascension!
  6. So, you have made it to level 60? Congratulations! Now the real fun begins... Take part in epic battles that you may have conquered before, but be wary...things may not be as simple as they once were.... Your survival depends on strength, wit, and flexibility. Ascension aims to test your limits as a player, driving you to get stronger with each encounter. Once you are level 60, it is time to delve into the darkest dungeons, face the most vile of beings, and conquer your enemies on the battlefield. In Ascension, dungeons and raids are designed to give more of a fight. Regular creatures may be more devastating than they look, and bosses truly fight for their survival and your demise. Are you up for the test? Is your build strong enough? Or will your enemies laugh over your corpse? A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) has been modified, and your enemies will respond differently in combat than they once did. Controlling the tide of battle is pivotal, and foes will show no mercy to those who do not show trepidation. Player vs Player combat is a large part of Ascension. In the open world, you are at risk of being killed by enemy combatants at all times. On High-Risk realms, remember that you can lose your items to other players...but you can also take from them. Battlegrounds are fully functional, and allow you to put your build to the test while decimating foes in the throws of battle.
  7. Upon logging in, you can choose which realm you would like to play on. Each realm has different aspects that create unique experiences when playing! Here is a breakdown on the realms: Andorhal- This realm is often referred to as our "softcore" realm, but is still a full PvP server. Experience rates are at 1x, creating a blizzlike leveling path. There is no risk involved on Andorhal, and PvP is based on cross-faction, rather than a Free For All approach. Proudmoore- This realm is used primarily for testing and development, and will not be available to play on frequently. Some events may be held on this realm, and notifications will go out before it is to be used. Sargeras - Our high risk, free for all PvP server with 3x rates. You will level faster than normal, however upon level 20, you will enter Free For All PvP in all zones, with the exception of inns, starting zones, and cities. On death, players will drop items from their inventory or gear that is equipped. This creates a high stakes environment, and one should be careful of who may be lurking behind every corner of Azeroth. Tichondrius - This realm will have experimental features, which will be gradually implemented, using community feedback and balance testing to create a realm with exclusive and unique features that will push the boundaries of what it means to survive. Within the process of choosing your realm you will also dig deeply into who you are as a player and reveal your true desires for your game-play. Do you enjoy PvP and World PvP? Have you ever wanted to take someone's items from them after killing them? Sargeras may be the right realm for you. Keep in mind, though, that you have to watch your back during your adventures. Sargeras has higher drop rates, and items do not bind to your character, so there are no Soulbound items. There are systems in place to protect your gear, but we will cover that shortly. Will you be vengeful and smite those who face you down, or will you protect those who need a guide? The choice is yours. If you enjoy the server, and want to make builds, occasionally commencing in PvP combat, and doing raids, then Andorhal may be the best option. With slower leveling, it allows you to try builds out more thoroughly, and explore Azeroth to its deepest caves and highest castles. Items do bind onto your character, and there is no risk of item loss upon death. Want to try something different? Tichondrius will be offering features such as a hunger system, and experimental spells. This realm will include Free For All PvP, and High Risk deaths.
  8. Welcome to Ascension! We are so pleased that you have chosen Project Ascension as the provider of your next journey through Azeroth! Project Ascension brings new dynamics to the World of Warcraft that you know and love, breathing life and diversity into your adventures. If you are new to the server, this is a great place to start, as this guide will cover all of the subjects you need to know in order to jump in and play with hundreds of other players who enjoy Ascension everyday! Below, you will find a Table of Contents for this guide. Enjoy! NOTE: Each part has its own thread dedicated to it. Please click the headers of each part in order to navigate through the guide. Please leave comments and replies on Part IV. All other sections will be locked. Part I Table of Contents I. General Information II. Connection Guide Part II III. Realms IV. The Classless System V. Random Enchants and Fel Commutation Part III VI. End Game Content VII. Public Bugtracker Part IV VIII. Donation Shop IX. FAQs
  9. Heroes, As we prepare for launch, we would like to address the topic of donation items and the Book of Ascension. The staff has collectively decided that the Book of Ascension will not be available directly at release, for those who have not yet purchased it in the Open Beta stages. For those who have purchased it in Beta Stages, along with other vanity, cosmetic, or mount items, there will be a way for you to redeem these items onto the character(s) of your choice. A web page will be available shortly after release that will allow you to select your items that you wish to redeem, and after you have selected them, they will be sent to your character. All of the non pay to win items that have been previously purchased will be shown on this web page. Titles that were earned will also be connected through this web page. There will be another announcement of the webpage being released shortly after launch. It will be available within a week of live release. If you purchased items before the server transferred to Project-Ascension, your items will still be available through this page. The Book of Ascension will not be made available to the public in whole until after the first level 60 on the Horde and Alliance have been determined on each realm. We thank you for your time, contributions, and dedication to Project-Ascension.
  10. Heroes, We have asked your opinions on different aspects of the Sargeras realm, and you have responded! This post will serve as an update on the realm, and will help to prepare you for playing on Sargeras! Raid Sizes Raid Sizes on Sargeras have been decided on by the community! Raids on Sargeras will be 25-man moving forward, and will allow for groups to be more easily formed and managed. The results of this poll indicated that 80% of the playerbase agreed on 25-mans being the definitive size. Thank you for your feedback! Experience Rates This was more of a complicated matter. A lot of opinions became clear through feedback, and we worked diligently on a solution that could benefit the player base as a whole. Experience rates will be set at a standard of 3x, with the majority of the community voting for this number (70%). However there is another option available to you as a player… The Scroll of Resolution will be available from a vendor within each starting area. The scroll will be free of cost, and will give you the option of switching permanently to 1x experience rates. Your character will be given the exclusive and illustrious title of “the Resolute”, and this scroll must be used at level 1. The Book of Ascension The poll on this thread is designed to help us determine if the Book of Ascension will be available immediately upon release, or if there would be a delay. The delay would be determined by you, with these options: the first players reaching level 60 on both the Horde and Alliance, a time delay of one month, or an immediate availability. We thank you for your participation, feedback, and commitment to Project-Ascension.
  11. Heroes of Ascension, The beta realms are now closed, and unavailable for play. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have supported and helped us get to this point. Without you, none of this could have happened. If you have been a part of the Beta since the beginning, you have seen Project Ascension go through a lot of changes, in order to bring a higher level of gameplay and content to the world of Azeroth. We have worked extensively in making this a community and experience that all can enjoy. As we move forward, we would like you to know that your voice matters. Your feedback, opinions, and ideas are something we look forward to every day, and our decision-making is all about creating a game that you want to play. Continuing on, systems, localization, adaptability, new raids, and balance will continue to be improved, and it is with gratitude towards the community that we will be driving on with these changes. Your bug reports, no matter how big or small, have allowed us to continually improve our realms. Thank you for an amazing experience thus far, for your continued support, commitment, and dedication. Here is to more incredible adventures, fun times, and to conquering the hardest of challenges! Remember, the release of our live realms are on these dates: Andorhal - 14th of July at 6:00PM CEST Sargeras - 21st of July at 6:00PM CEST Happy Hunting and We Will See You In-Game! - The Project-Ascension Staff
  12. Heroes, Recently, Zukien, the Community Manager for Project Ascension, did a Q&A video with Tommyruin, answering your questions and talking about release, events, and more! Here is the video: In the comments, there are a few more questions that we didn't get to. Thank you!
  13. Heroes of Ascension, With our official release dates for live servers, and the desire to include you into our growing community, we would like to offer you a chance for something special! Three lucky winners of this contest will receive an awesome reward: The third place winner will be receiving a Savage Raptor mount! Show the community your dino as you travel throughout Azeroth! The second place winner will be receiving the Magical Rooster mount! Give an early morning wake up call with this giant bird! The first place winner will be receiving the coveted Swift Spectral Tiger mount! Show off this amazing beast as you tear across Azeroth and enjoy Ascension! So how do you win? All you have to do is comment on this post, like it (or love it!), and share this post onto Facebook. You will then be eligible to win the prizes above, and a random selection will determine the winners! This contest will be active until July 14th, at 12:00am CEST. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to earn these great prizes, and spread the word of Ascension’s live release! Disclaimer: Prizes are to be given out upon live release of the servers, happening on the 14th of July and 21st of July. Limit is one (1) entry per player or individual, no exceptions. Eligibility is determined by sharing, liking, and commenting on this post. Names of participants will be cross-referenced in order to guarantee eligibility of rewards. Duplicate entries, cheating, or any other form of malpractice will result in disqualification from the contest. Project-Ascension reserves all rights to this contest, including reward distribution and changes to dates or times of the contest. You can find the Facebook Post HERE! Don't forget to like our page!
  14. Heroes, It is time to cast your vote on what you think the Experience rates on Sargeras should be upon release! We value your feedback and are looking forward to hearing from you. Thank You!
  15. Heroes, This thread will serve to cover the finer details of our launch and any questions you might have! Why are Sargeras and Andorhal being released on two different dates? Good question! This is a multiple part answer. Here are the reasons why Sargeras and Andorhal have two separate release dates: 1. We would like all of our staff members to be involved with one realm at a time, allowing for support and troubleshooting at expedited rates, ensuring maximum efficiency. 2. Along with the first point, we want to make sure that the realms launch smoothly, and this requires our undivided attention. 3. Sargeras, our High-Risk server, has additional systems that could cause additional issues. We would like to make sure the foundational elements are functioning properly under a higher load, before we add in the additional complexity on Sargeras. Q: Will it be hard to level with a large influx of people on launch? A: We have implemented a Dynamic Respawn system, which detects how many players are in a confined area, and determines the rate of respawning in creatures, NPCs, and quest objects. So no, you shouldn’t face any issues, and you should be able to quest and level just fine! Q: I paid for a Founder’s Chest, and/or bought some cosmetic items from the store. Can I expect to retain those as the servers are released? A: Yes, all store cosmetics - including titles, mounts, tabards and toys bought from the Cash Store are transferring over to the live realms, including the coveted Book of Ascension! Q: What will or will not be available inside the store upon launch? A: All cosmetic and vanity items will be available on launch. In order to create an atmosphere of natural and effort-driven gameplay, there will be no “Pay To Win” items available on the store on release. This includes the Potions of Experience, Scroll of Experience, and Tradesman Scrolls. Instant leveling items will also be unavailable. It is possibly that we will introduce some of these many months after release. If you have any further questions, there will be a Q&A video this weekend with Tommyruin and Staff Members, who will be answering questions that you have! You can see the video here, and leave questions you have under his video!
  16. Heroes, This thread is dedicated to helping us serve you. We would appreciate your feedback on the recent weekend event, as it will help us ensure that the most important issues that need to be fixed get addressed. Here are some examples of information we are looking for from your input in the following categories: Systems Functionality Accessibility of realm and uptime NPCs functioning correctly Custom User Interface working properly (Talents, Spellbook, Spell Selection, Random Enchants, etc.) Creature Behavior (AI) Spell and Balance functionality Website Accessibility Any other system(s) related behavior Communications Staff Presence, Responsiveness, and Helpfulness Continued Updates Online Presence (Was there enough “hype”?) Ease of Knowledge (Did you know the event was happening and what it entailed?) Please use the template below in order to give us your feedback. Copy and paste the code into your post to fill it out. Use the category list from above in order to describe the issues you may have faced, or the positive impact something had. Template: Copy and Paste from inside this box: Please type outside of the bold bracket coding. Please keep all feedback related to the Weekend Event and conditions you experienced as a part of it. We thank you for your involvement in making Ascension an even greater place to play!
  17. Hello Heroes! We need your opinion on Raid Sizes. The question is do you want 40-man raid groups, or 25-man raid groups on Sargeras? We would like to hear your thoughts on this subject, and the results of the poll will help us move forward in decision making for the server! Leave your comments below, and we thank you for your time and participation in making Ascension a community driven experience!
  18. Thanks! This forum will be great! I think ascension staff deserves so recognition for their hard work!

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