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  1. Update: Issue has been fixed! Now we can play as Resolute mode characters on Andorhal! Thanks to Grey and the team behind the fix!
  2. Hello, I am a quiet player on Andorhal, but I decided to share my issue. Recently (1 month ago), I tried making a new character on Andorhal, since I already have a guild and mates there, and decided to try the new modes, especially Resolute Mode. However, once I tried to do the challenge, the buff disappeared when I relogged with that character. I opened a ticket, got a response saying the team is working on the issue, however its been 1 month, and nothing. The mode doesn't work. Has there been any development, because I really like the server and experience, but if I can't do the Resolute Mode or others, it would kill the joy of the game for me? Cheers.
  3. I generally agree that we need to have this thing loosened up, because as a beta (at least) we can't test freely if skills work or not. I had an issue with the ability Spell Mastery and thankfully I could reset before level 10, but imagine getting a skill or talent after level 10 and seeing it doesn't synergize or work, and, ok, you reset. Then 10 levels later or so, you get another skill that doesn't synergize and guess what - you need to reset again, but it's not free. That isn't a good policy if you want to test out the mechanics and synergy, and as a whole, the server. Especially when skills get revamped after said testing and you are stuck with what you chose until you collect the gold for that one reset. PS: I love the server and concept and been playing since release (of Andorhal), so I am rather subjective and trying not to bash the server
  4. I have considered that it would only work if you have spell haste to begin with, because it increases Spell Haste by 20%, not by a number, but alas I can't test it out since my character is Level 16 and there are no spell haste gear or weapons to get for it.
  5. I tried using the passive with a staff only equipped and I got no effect from it, I tried using it with off-hands that weren't shields or weapons and again, no effect. Please try it out on a new character if you don't believe me, it had no effect on mine.
  6. I have started playing a druid/beastmaster hybrid and I tried using the General Ability [Spell Mastery], but it didn't have any effect on my [Wrath] or healing spells. The wording says it increases Spell Haste by 20%, but I came to the conclusion that if your spell haste is 0, it will be 0 even if you have the ability. Am I right?

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