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  1. Will there ever be a PVE realm?
  2. Inside the folder where WoW is installed, just use the regular Ascension instead of the "launcher". Launcher works for some and not for others. Doesn't work for me. The 'updated' patches you will have to download manually however for the future.
  3. Devs have said population is over 7000+ active players, I think that includes both realms.
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  5. skip029

    My life as a Tank

    Not much you can do with mobs fleeing as that is a bug or 'feature' on this server. Bear tanks get 'swipe' which hits an unlimited amount of mobs and that is super helpful, otherwise you can get cleave (2 mobs only) or thunderclap (unlimited, can't be dodged or parried but weak and moderate threat only). Righteous Fury and Consecrate is always nice as well with Ret Aura/Thorns.
  6. You can't be in a stance and be in a druid form at the same time. Fire Ward only absorbs fire damage but i'm assuming you got it for MC. I would suggest dual-wield (double flametongue) and water shield talents.
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  8. Just wanted to update, the Leg Armor I have the 25 focus RE on is level 17 and I'm now 38 and seems to have stopped granting 75. So I'm assuming once your 20 levels past your item level it stops working?
  9. If you read any of those quotes I posted, they agree with everything you said in the 2nd paragraph... So not sure why you even felt the need to bash the blue posts.
  10. This game wasn't meant to be played on a Private Server either....
  11. Official Blizzard Poster “From a certain perspective, the strange thing about this stance is that the multiboxing player has the least advantage in a battleground. A battleground is a closed system, the teams are ideally even, the multiboxer is more prone to disruptive assaults from other players, and the numerical advantage is wholly nullified in this scenario.” -Malkorix, Blizzard Poster ======================================== Does multiboxing give a player an in-game advantage? “Yes–and so does grouping.” Therefore, can multiboxing be considered an exploit? “No. We consider it be an alternative playstyle; not everyone can do it, but if a person is willing to devote the concentration and capital to such a venture–legitimately–we’re perfectly fine with it. Five multiboxed accounts can be feared and CCed just like five solo accounts. -Belfaire, Blizzard Poster ======================================== What is the objective difference between 1 player directing 5 characters to attack a single target, and the leader of a team slapping an assist train on a target and telling his other 4 teammates to attack a target with him? A slight gain in efficiency for the single player/set of characters at an extreme cost in flexibility to deal with exterior threats compared to the team of players?” -Malkorix, Blizzard Poster ======================================== “Here’s the thing though. That multiboxer queues, and waits, just as a 5-man arena team would (to use an example). They take up the same queue time, and the same number of slots on the opposing team. There is nothing to differentiate them from one of the very common groups of ‘pre-made’ players, aside from slightly more effective focus fire, and less strategic flexibility in dealing with threats, much greater vulnerability to crowd control and that being ‘split’ by resurrection is devastating. The less organized battle ground participants you describe will typically have a much harder time facing that arena team or pre-made than they would a multi-boxer. Aside from which, occasionally running up against more organized opposition is simply a fact of the battlegrounds. Just as is facing more skilled or more well equipped foes. Factually, while we do our best to structure the queuing system such that players will meet equivalent opponents, there are limitations on that system if we still want to keep the queues at a reasonable length. As a result, sometimes a team will run up against a ‘superior’ opponent (please note the quotes), and have a greater challenge, whether in the form of a pre-made group, multi-boxer, or merely highly skilled or knowledgeable opponents. Simply because an opponent is ‘superior’ does not mean that a ‘pug’ team isn’t able to adapt and overcome. Having a pre-made group or a multi-boxer doesn’t even necessarily mean that a given battleground team truly is superior. There are a great many variables to take into account.” Malkorix, Blizzard Poster =======================================
  12. Correct, either you take 3 hits and they're gone or the duration of 10 min runs out.
  13. Water Shield can only be cast on yourself, BoW can be casted on others. Something to keep in mind. Also, BoW you can only have 1 blessing per paladin on you, so if you pick up BoW you can't cast BoW and Might on yourself....
  14. I think each IP address should only be allowed 2 accounts. I don't want to have to wait for hours on end for a tank or a healer when I can just log into another account and do it myself with some friends. Some of us don't have the time to sit and wait in LFG/RDF.

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