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  1. at least i can rest knowing i tried

  2. You can easily enforce this; when you see 5 people stack ontop of one another, or someone just auto-pilot grinding with a partner that isn't active, just report them. -Nammey
  3. don't know why but it posted what I said twice. Deleted it.
  4. posted what I said three times apparently, deleted it.
  5. I feel it is simply disgusting that multi-boxing isn't an instant ban. Takes away from the experience PVE or PVP. Just play the game, and make friends. -Nammey
  6. I'll keep it short; It ruins the game. You'll discover many share this thought through your polls. The only people voting yes are people multi-boxing - which is few. Considering they box multiple accounts at once. -Nammey
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  10. @korocota Kind of forgot about the AH... Need that as well, more lively of an AH makes for a good Realm. -Nammey
  11. @Melitan Me as well, everyone wants it. -Nammey
  12. Probably could've written this one out better, but I'm kind of sleepy. Hope my point is still comprehensive. -Nammey
  13. Cross-Faction: A Breath of Life With how competitive the environment is on Ascension WoW's Sargeras, how it has been in the past, I don't see why Cross-Faction is being disabled for the future. When you have a player base of people that'll be looking to be as efficient as possible, many races will be left out purely for the sake of what is good, and a few spotty groups of people will pick for preference. With this in mind, it won't be soon before one faction becomes the dominant one on the server, and it will lead to horrible scenarios of World PVP - Realms on the live servers that are heavily unbalanced are avoided highly by people who take PVP seriously, like how Tichondrius on Live server has had an imbalance of up to 70% leaning in the favour of the Alliance. Further into the stats, you will almost never see Horde win a BG or any sort of PVP / PVE event as the World is set so PVP flags are automatic in many zones, and you'll have to push for control of certain things as people will just slow things down for others for the laugh of it. All though that is a specific scenario, in a more general aspect, it isn't healthy for Factions to have to play against one another by force, as the balance of the server will have a heavy influence on what takes place, especially once the numbers become unfair, like Tichondrius, Mal'Ganis, Stormrage, etc. https://realmpop.com/us.html Having to worry about imbalances isn't healthy, and when it does take place, the Realm in short, will end up as a shit-show & a half. The suggestion I bring forward is to life the close on Cross-Faction, not only lifting the worry for imbalances in PVP, but it also allows guilds to be more diverse in what is doable in some sense, and it also gives a lot more of an immersive outlook on World of Warcraft - having an Alliance based association with Horde mercs, or Alliance Loyalists, etc.. It gives a lot more to have this feature, than to remove it; 1) BG's are longer, and can be imbalanced in many cases. Having Cross-Faction, it will automatically balance out like we saw during beta when we had Cross-Faction. 2) Realm imbalances are sure to happen as some races are better than most; Humans have a free trinket which is a wet-dream for your average PVP'er. Orcs have solid DMG boost, but, most will have priority in other places. 3) Dungeon / Raid groups will form together a lot easier, and will have a more vibrant feeling like we see in Legion; a more unified experience between players. PLS DO IT. -Nammey
  14. All though I do like creativity, I don't believe that including 3rd party / custom elements that are focused on specific things would be healthy for the server. Maybe for Tichondrius, but not for Sargeras, or anything else. -Nammey
  15. I'm gonna be making a post on why we need Cross-Faction for Sargeras once I finally don't stay up for days at a time. -Nammey

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