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  1. Any way we could get some more GM input? I mean it seems LS is pretty much dead in the water except for a handful of people that will always play and progress in raids. Would be nice to know if you guys had plans or if you're going to just let things rot away until you merge LS with Andorhal @Solstice
  2. Because this is what ascension needs mate, sorry you joined way late but all the pvp players who don't play anymore. Don't play because they focused on PVE instead of PVP
  3. Unfortunately that is very untrue, the things listed would decrease the gap between new and old players, and would also allow for a large portion of players to catch up and have more interest in playing. No offense but if you sat down read what was posted you would see lots of things here are geared to close that gap and help foster a better relationship between new players and old. Losing a piece of gear here isn't all that its cracked up to be ya it sucks but if you were around in beta the current system is nothing compared to the old.
  4. Out of curiosity why were re extractions an excellent improvement this game was fundamentally created on having a constant grind and a need to play to perfect, nobody in retail except for a handful of players were ever full 100% tailors BIS when new content was being released. Having res at the ready everytime you lose a piece of gear or change a slot removes an element of randomness and need to do something at the current state. People having access to every possible re whenever they want is causing a HUGE gap in end game players to even just casual. Also in beta when res we’re harder to obtain there was rarely a one shot build unless they had been playing for a long time ps please keep an open mind nobody said disabling BGs as an entirety I said to limit them and make the experience better than what it is currently Huuuugggge difference than just straight up disabling them which would also be a good idea lol but compromise is key.
  5. It was actually outside the realm of needed changes, but I personally due believe in second/third chances and I think it would spice up some of the afterparty of having these changes made so we could get some good deserving players back there are a few people out there that got banned just by association which I agree they deserved to be banned. BUT I think we could get some big changes in and then bring everyone back for some good ol ascension fun. But yes I agree sometimes its not healthy to unban players biggest thing here isnt that were unbanning to raise the pop were unbanning to increase some fun with old players after we've established fixes and raised the population.
  6. I understand, that these won't be easy changes but as I stated #1 and #12 are the biggest issues currently. Players having access to every random enchant they need at any point in time really really hurts new and casual players, those that are devoted still playing and have everything on farm have it so easy to stay #1 it's not even funny. If we got rid of portable Re tables(yes it would be a pain but DP is generated with a click of a button and applying 25DP to players accounts shouldn't be an issue, they would have to get over a refund to sustain this idea but its 100% worth.) We could then be forced back into the world. Playing into this removing the fact that any player who has played long enough can equip a perfect set of gear over and over kind of defeats the purpose of having a random enchant system. It's supposed to be random for a reason we're supposed to have things to work for and grind for a reason the original setup of the RE system was amazing I believe taking the original system and slightly tweaking it maybe it rolling more specific re's to talents/abilities chosen would be a great Idea this would then leave things to RNG and would cause Gear with specific Re's to be worth more and gear w.o but BIS to not be used as often. #2 I didn't explain this very well because in all honesty I wasn't sure the terms that needed to be stated in order to get my point across via wow Lingo but I feel that all raid loot should be removed from open world except for Crows/Dailies/Invasions and now that we're at a point of having 3 raids available if we combine #2 with #4(leave Tier 1 in open world, remove Tier 2/2.5 until 2.5 is cleared and add tier 2) adding new loot to the tables and removing gear it would still allow for the concept that was developed when adding raid loot to open world loot. #3 someone told me earlier word for word----- im at #3 and i remember playingbeta and fucking going to WPL to kill 1 person cuz i hated them shit was fire Which it was. It was one of the single handed best things I enjoyed about Ascension in Beta. #1. While I agree it may hurt some retention it's actually not removing BG's and only a handful of players would feel this hurt as in reality Disabling regular Bg's during slow times and allowing for only RATED(Created Teams) would provide a better experience. but no offense I don't know if you've played a BG during downtime but it fucking sucks excuse my french you have lopsided teams and just a mess of ignorance or half afk/naked players against those END game devoted players which is what the entire goal is to increase enjoy-ability from all aspects. Ranked Teams during the week would ensure when you enter a BG that you are going home with a satisfying BG experience. Then allowing for all BG's and only 2 man premades ont he weekend will add viability to casual/devoted player. I really feel that devoted players who are still here today need to have the experience of real BG's in order to obtain some satisfaction that all the hard work they're putting in is worth it. #7 Yes while De-instanced dungeons could hurt new players I really don't think it will, it will give them a new experience that they've never seen or dealt with before and that creates an adrenaline rush if you're playing a game and not getting adrenaline rushes you're playing the wrong game. It's very exciting to join something new and creative and well there are ways to make dungeons more rewarding to the point that them being De-Instanced won't really hurt new players. It's something that would require alot of work, Static spawn timers on mobs and bosses would idealy just make them part of the open world with higher risk and higher reward, and let's be honest this is what Laughing skull was supposed to be this is what Ascension is supposed to be nobody signed up to play andorhal when they joined during awakening and ascension beta, they signed up for Hardcore PVP we were all fine with potentially losing half our gear at the possibility of gaining half of someone elses gear there was only a handful of players that complained about that issue and no offense to them but there is andorhal for that(with that being said) I think these changes would affect the vast majority but also excite them as well and draw back new and old players. You should look into making these all a reality and allowing those with the lesser heart to transfer to andorhal.
  7. Title isn't meant to bash anyone and I'm sure many will flame/talk shit but in all honesty if you guys want us to get back to HIGH RISK and where we were in beta this is what we need to happen, I know it's hard in today's reality and social media but the best thing to do is either just say you support or don't and move forward not flame suggest more changes and what not let's get support for some changes and then discuss how we can implement and make minor changes!!!!. START HERE----> So I've debated posting something on the forums for a long time, a lot know who I am a lot don't I have friends and I have enemies, all the less that doesn't matter in this post I've been here since beta around the end of 2016. I've seen many stories many players make there cases and demands and many others sit silently and watch the world burn with help from others or no help at all. There have been a series of unfortunate events that have inevitably hindered everyone's experience on this marvelous creation of a PVP playground that has been created in what was once a clear vision and process to manipulate the world of Azeroth into a battleground of unforeseen potential of chaos and beauty. While there have been ups and downs as there are with every game there seems to be a stagnant common every few months "A Reason To Play". While it is hard in every game to make continuous play something of a norm for those "HARDCORE" players there are quite a few aspects of a game that keep people logging in even it be a short period of time around the clock. Ascension is so different than any other game out there it takes what is riddled as a GRIND house and combines it with that of a winner take all battle royale in every aspect which tends to create an infinite grind with tons of possibilities at hand and really has a unique basis to create a new Genre of gaming. Getting back to the point the biggest issue is the clear gap from New/Returning players to Hardcore players(this shouldn't be a thing on such a unique server). a lot of things either go unchanged or unheard or heard and never acted upon although it is a large base of players that have supported this game in numerous ways whether it be cash for donations or streams, and even just play time on PTR or special raids. #1.Disable Battlegrounds except for the weekends of CTA(Remove AV and just switch between AB/WSG CTA).(Allow for RATED only Arena/Bgs during the week must have a team comp and reward system monthly) No premades on Weekend Must have Created team during the week. #2. Remove CURRENT Raid loot in open World Except for in Crow's Chest/Invasions/Daily quests(see #3) #3. Return All Addons that allow for scouting of areas including friends list(Make available on website for all to have not just a few). turn /who back on and make friends list only available if you've spoken to a player or been in a guild with them but turn back on the zone location function!(Searching every zone to find 1 fight in a 2-3 hour span kills interest of playing on this server so much it's not even funny) #4. Increase latter tier loot in open world drops. Introduce Mats to world loot including but not limited to Herbs, Ores, Cloth, Rune Shards(increased rates to provide a better source of changing/testing builds) #5. Make Deathtrading a thing of the past and just allow everything to be traded so players have more incentive to farm well Everything. #6. Implement a rotating random daily quest scenario that has to do with PVP wether it be a King of the Hill, Kill Quest, Healing Quest, Invasion, or Mercenary body count. #7. Deinstance Dungeons and Raids(except for one specific slot time picked by each guild each week FOR THAT GUILD) this will keep guilds from putting a raid on farm and exploiting the already exploitabl economy with holding hostage all BIS pieces until everyone has what they need further creating a MASSIVE GAP in newcomers, casuals, and hardcore players. #8. Allow for hardcore versions of 60 content dungeons to be ran for previous raid content gear I.E. AQ20 Drops. We can run Scholomance with something like the BFA weekly settings to obtain BWL gear. ***(one of my personal favorite requests) as Dungeons are only viable until you're first day in raid or farming reputation yet they are one of the funnest things to do that don't require 10man teams or more and hours of prep/hours of devotion)*** #9. Reward system for Daily log ins(besides daily quests), (Devs will love this one) 1DP Chests that grant random DP items from the shop anything from 1dp-100dp items. #10. Glory system for WORLDPVP that allows for Transmog purchases of Actual IG armor that has a one time transmog use. #11. Glory system that replaces reputation earned in quests/zones/dungeons for specific recipes with Honor Gained in WPVP!!!! #12. (REMOVE PORTABLe ALTARS.) REMOVE EXTRACTS/MYSTIC ORBS and Make Re's only obtainable through massive amounts of Forging(the access of easily obtainable re's greatly affects those of a casual player to a hardcore player.) #13. Unban all previously banned players in a one time grace to return this game to maximum population(with a gear/gold wipe of course) Yes this is alot to implement and you guys already have your hands full but this is the time to listen to the players and not necessarily the dev team, in the end with no players there are no funds for the dev team, there is no reason for people to log in and therefore there is no game. First Round of items to implement would be 1-4, second round 5-8, third round 9-12 would allow for a steady progression to get this game back on track as the PVP GODSEND it was when we all started in beta & from what would be the easiest-hardest implementations. The main agenda here is to stop the increasingly large gap from casual to hardcore player of ascension(which was the biggest problem on seasonal with the staggered level caps), Give every player an incentive to log in every day(without a huge loss if they don't) and to bring back a normal playing field so newbs,casuals,hardcore, and dearly devoted players can obtain a reason to play. WE UNDERSTAND YOU HAVE A VISION AND WHAT YOU'D LIKE TO DO BUT THE GAME IS FADING FROM IT'S ORIGINAL INTENTIONS AND WE THE PLAYERS WANT IT BACK! MAKE ASCENSION GREAT AGAIN! MAGA!!!!!!!
  8. Have to Repost Mine didn't read the no UI unfortunately im slow sorry http://imgur.com/a/MSYlX It loaded them wierd bottom is Zero Reforged to Hero!

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