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  1. When will PTR be available with these new changes to test changes and give feedback
  2. Will we be told equations behind some of the 8pcs like Paladin? So we can get a general idea of what it can tick for.
  3. It would be fun for wildcard vs wildcard but I think part of the challenge is for a wildcard to be met with a regular player and having to work around that.
  4. Could u possibly fix deepfreeze? My friend Jungla on LS is having trouble 1v1ing me because it doesnt work!
  5. just make good content easy views ofc
  6. Its a pvp server and u want pvpers to pve GL lol. Also you can get gear from the world that's T2 idk why the AQ events wouldnt give those same rewards aswell.
  7. Would be cool to see something special for the ppl that stayed around and supported the server for a long time
  8. I've gotten fireballs, PoM, frostbolts, arcane barrage, living bomb, mana gem, icy veins (i think i might be retarded tho). blink, conjuer food and water, ice barrier, arcane intellect, Decided to start running Pyroblast just for the PoM procs in my arcane missile spec and its pretty nice. Hits base for like 2k and crits for near 5k with no scalings directly towards pyro. Overall enjoy the RE
  9. it doesnt drop tho
  10. IGN: Sheeni http://imgur.com/gallery/6Kie4

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