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  1. Oh, do you not need a greedy demon to insure your gear?
  2. I think this is the most valuable part of this post. You create competition in your own niche market by having 2 realms where the only issue i have seen is loot drop as well. If you can combine your servers to meet both audiences. By doing what he said and removing pvp loot drop but still having a rewarding and focused pvp system, this server could have a great population and rewarding experience
  3. I started a new toon on the hardcore realm recently and wanted to focus on PvP. I am considering a build that melds melee with either mage frost or mage fire. I wanted to open a discussion about what everyone has found to be good in pvp and what you tried that didn't work as well.
  4. yeah all toons are wiped at the end of beta.
  5. To add to the list of desired changes before release. This biggest issue I have with this server is the restriction of caster talents. Melee is king on this server because it stacks very well as far as blending the classes together to make a better melee build. Caster are lacking in that regard though because of the class restriction of talents. The idea of this server is to be classless but when you restrict talents in the mage fire tree to only affect the mage fire spells you bring classes back into the game. Rather than having a fire mage, we should be able to have a fire caster that blends mage/lock/shaman spells to create a better fire caster. This should be true for all the elements so that caster classes can compete and so that the caster role will feel classless and new for players who choose that route. While this could create imbalances, we have seen the same imbalances patched for melee. So while it will require more work to fix broken caster builds, it will ultimately bring more diversity to the classless system they are trying to create.
  6. Point 3 is my main issue with this server. If they would stop restricting talents to class specific spells it would feel a lot more "Classless." You are right as of now, feels like you can customize what spells you take but talents, which are half of your design, are restricted.
  7. I agree with this 100%. This server is about removing the class system so it makes no sense to restrict the talents to classes. Having talents affect every spell in that group would greatly increase the possibility of builds and bring casters up to the power level of melee.
  8. I don't get the reasoning behind making talents class specific. The entire point of this server is to merge the classes but then they force you into certain classes by making the talents specific. Seems counterproductive.
  9. Anyone have a list of what abilities can actually be used in bear?
  10. The talent holy specialization which increases crit dmg for holy spells by 100% doesn't work for holy Paladin spells

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