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  1. Good argument. That's way too hard of a nerf IMO. That's a ton of points, and seems like it'll really hurt hybrid builds.
  2. Wait a sec, I think I've broken the rules...
  3. I'm not quite sure what you expected from the leader of Twin Boars Tavern! But here you go! From Zero: To Hero: ...Now I'd argue that the first one isn't quite zero! Just a regular day off! -Seventh
  4. Yeah, I tried to describe this issue to a Staff member, but it's a very odd bug. It has made organizing our bank tabs extremely difficult.
  5. Here's my entry into your screenshot contest, Hero Nachtsuchen! "The Winds of Tanaris" I think the weather effects are fantastic, and this was a pretty nice background for the shot! Hope you like it! - Seventh

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