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  1. maybe the talents would turn the serpent form into a naga form to allow for casting or weapon use
  2. only if the recipes are dropped from bosses instead of actual gear, kind of like how warframe equipment works.
  3. that could probably take longer than making them work for both, as they have to go over each and every spell that affects both or either.
  4. it could be something like (hemomancers casting stance)
  5. I desperately want to buy the artisans book from the shop but i cant purchase donation points on the store with my biolife pay card, i REALLY need some assistance with this .
  6. Just publicly celebrating my 18th birthday
  7. You would also choose the resource you wanted to use for the spell like rage mana or energy, or even health! maybe a combination of two? and example being a bearzerker spell that turns you into a boosted bear form using rage instead of mana, or a bow spell that uses energy instead of mana.
  8. Also a side note, could you guys make the book of ascension teach professions as well as classes?
  9. Alright, so first thing is first. I'm not suggesting spell combination. Spell combination is dumb. What I suggest is a custom profession that uses some kind of custom ink from inscription and some kind of enchanted parchment from enchanting, to craft a spell based on preset spell effects with a lot of customization. What do I mean by customization? Say you pick the base of your spell to be shapeshift, well, you wouldn't want to use the same shape shift abilities already in the default game now would you? No, you would want to pick the model that your shapeshift uses, within reason of course. You could pick from a few different things, like the serpent model form wailing caverns that the druid of the fangs use, or the mana wyrm model used in sunstrider isle, Or maybe you want to be a turtle. Then you would choose the buffs that your shapeshift would provide, say you made a turtle, you would want to choose the damage reduction/armor increase buff and aggro increase, at the downside of doing less damage. Or you wanted to enslave demons to your will instead of using the preset demons handed to you in the default game, so you would use a base of tame, and then choose the creature type, in this case you would pick demon, but powerful demons require soulshards to summon. The spells that you create could vary from one time use scrolls to teaching the spell to you permanently. As the game stands right now, you are still forced to use preset spells, which limits the variety of the game. Since I suggested that this be a profession, maybe you would have to unlock different tiers of spell modifiers and bases with different levels of skill, max skill being everything is unlocked.
  10. To be honest, im shocked that this hasnt been asked about more frequently... Player housing. Custom buildings too, not just a pre made instance, like the garrisons were in WoD. Here is an example of what i mean This could be so good for ascension. Andorhal RPing, Sargeras and Tichondrius would have pvp AND pve because they could RAID other GUILDS. Of course, we would need some way to set our hearth stones to the locations where we build at, which isn't hard to do since innkeepers set your hearth stone to where ever they are currently placed. honestly player housing could be used for all sorts of things, you could make planters and grow your own herbs, build a pen for skinnable NPC's and so much more. I really think this would make ascension THE best private server currently available, more so than it already is.
  11. So i heard from somebody that there is custom player housing being tested on tichondrius, and i was wondering if there was a way to beta test the server before its released, or if there was any more information on how the building system would work, like a devs video...

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