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  1. Hey, all. I'm on LS, and recently capped 60 with my build, the Elementalist Duelist. The idea is that it's a shaman who also knows how to fight with melee weapons a bit, and as such I poured all of my points into the Warr+Shaman trees while also dipping into rogue. It's .. okayish in PvE, and it sucks in PvP. I was wondering if this build could be improved upon while retaining some modicum of the "class" identity. Like I'd probably be good with some druid and even hunter spells, but probably not Warlock. I don't want to be the best, I know I'll never get to that level with my mindset, but I at least want to be painfully decent. Win some, lose some, you know? Thanks! https://project-ascension.com/builds#/talentsandabilities/summary/?hash=:100:131:370:546:676:772:1464:1680:2457:2484:2983:5308:6673:8004:8232:18499:20230:34428:57994:64382:121t3:126t1:134t2:135t1:136t3:137t1:155t3:157t5:167t1:602t3:611t3:662t2:681t1:901t1:1643t2:1661t1:1663t2:1690t1:1693t1:1824t1:1859t1:1863t1:2058t1:2233t2:2234t3:2236t1:2250t3:2283t1:

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