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  1. Greetings community of Ascension! Back at it again with compiling information that may be of interest to those creating Ascension Builds. With big changes to the game; nerfs and buffs, it took a while to update the Talent List in addition to testing them as well, however, the hard part is done and so I hope the new update talent list is of use to you people! Overall the website also went through some visual changes, with a new menu slide to navigate around the site. WEBSITE LINK https://lyfe-support.blogspot.com/p/talents.html TALENT LIST UPDATED! As many of you have requested for an updated talent list, it is now complete! New additions include: Hit Chance Expertise Stamina Increase Holy Healing Increase And more! If you are interested in seeing other categories added to the list, let me know on discord or on the website. ADDED BUILD LIST Added a build list which was previously removed. I've brought it back with further improvements including the following: Build Level Role/Design Creator Name Build Link Description Some of these builds are outdated, mainly used as a reference when creating a personalized build. Soon I'll try to update the builds I've made myself. If you are interested in adding a build to the list, let me know. The general requirement is that it needs to be in-depth either written or video. Builds currently listed are by content creators such as: Tommyruin Schlotzer Bra the Ele and more! ADDED WILDCARD LIST Added Wildcard information such as possible wildcard rolls at level 1, combinations for build setups, basic build startup, and more! FUTURE UPDATE Expect future updates to the website including the following: Ability Talents added to Wildcard List, to players can see what their options are when picking Talents costing AE/TE at level 60 Add more Categories for the Talent List Update some of the Builds Add more Builds PvP Build Guide Update the RE List Update the Legendary RE List Update Coefficient List Hopefully this stuff continues to assist players of today and the future! Take care and best of luck! WEBSITE LINK https://lyfe-support.blogspot.com/p/talents.html
  2. https://lyfe-support.blogspot.com/ For those looking for information on Talents, Random Enchants, Coefficients, back with Calculations and Tips. Here is a guide that "tries" to contain everything and is consistently being updated (slowly). Ideally, it is a place to help you plan out builds as you can look up on what talents provide beneficial stats and how it affects your character. An example would be Critical Strike Increase Talents and what exactly does it increase, spell crit? Melee Crit? Range Crit? maybe a mix? TALENT LIST The talent list contains a list of talents and organizes it in categories of common and popular stat increases such as crit, ap, sp, hsp, etc... to help build your character! It also provides the Level requirement, ID, the Tree it is located in, cost of AE/TE, description, and Tips & Tricks. TIPS & TRICKS This section will contain tips about the talents, what is it good for, min-max information, and so forth. Some talents are better valued at a single pick up rather than maxing out the talent, information on such will help save you talent points so you can invest in other areas. Another important thing to point out is that this section may provide warnings about the talents, letting you know if it doesn't stack with another. This will help you save some gold in case you accidentally learn two talents that don't stack together. RANDOM ENCHANT LIST The Random Enchant List tries to contain a full list of Random enchant, including their tier rank (Common, Rare, Epic, etc..). In addition, it will contain a comment about requirements or how it scales, this is commonly seen on the Legendary Random Enchant List in red text with calculations and % proc chance. SPELL POWER COEFFICIENT List of how abilities scale with Attack Power or Spell Power. Due to Ascension Balancing abilities, some abilities have their Coefficient changed, increased or decreased. This is probably a section I may need help with for updated and improved accurate information. BUILD LIST Lastly is the Build List section providing builds created by myself, suited for specific situations. DPS Builds, Grinding Builds, Leveling Builds, PvP Builds, Seasonal Builds etc... For those who are new to Ascension and or would like to read up a simple guide to help them learn about a build. Broken up in categories, I try to keep things as organized as possible. CATEGORIES Design - List of what the build is designed for (IE. Leveling Build, DPS build, etc..). Introduction - Summary of the build. Random Enchants - List of Random Enchants used for this Build. Let' Talk About Stats - May have multiple Stat Priority based on your purpose for the build. Gearing Up - May include a BiS or Pre-Raid BiS List, including item link, drop information, stat information. Abilities - List of Abilities. Leveling builds will provide information on what level to pick up Abilities. Talents - List of Talents. Leveling builds will provide information on what level to pick up Talents. Video - Some builds may include a video guide or streamed gameplay video. If there is anything you would like to see added onto the website, let me know and I'll do by best to include it. I know I'm still missing quite a bit of talents. Slowly but surely it will be added. https://lyfe-support.blogspot.com/
  3. Lyfe again with a new build guide video, this build is for level 20+ and is designed for AoE grinding and farming Build Link: http://lyfe-support.blogspot.com/2018/07/build-holy-nova-void-leveling-20.html
  4. https://lyfe-support.blogspot.com/p/talents.html Working on a list that groups up such talents in categories, as Critical, AP increase, etc... Keep in mind that if such a thing exists, searching for the term "Critical" not all critical would work for all types of critical being that Melee, Range, Spell, or even all three. An example would be Killer Instinct in the current Ascension Build Calculator stating "Increase Critical Strike chance with ALL attacks by 1%" which isn't the case as it only increases Melee and Range, and NOT spells. Also including notes on the side of the talents providing tips, tricks, and warnings, to help guide players when making builds. Anything from: Min-max advice Popular choice pick ups Hidden Benefits "Do Not Stack" with other talents I've just been going through every single talent, testing every talent, slowly but surely I'll have everything up (even the recent balance updates), its quite a task while I'm juggling a bunch of other projects.
  5. Nice! Yea pretty much just have fun with it, testing and experimenting with different combinations is part of the fun- IGN: Lyfe, Lyfeless, Lyfu Discord: LYFE#0859
  6. Level 1 Build Greetings heroes, LYFE here showcasing a cheesy level 1 Build. Ideally, it's great for those who are new to Ascension and are unsure what to build as they are just starting off! This build is meant for UNDER level 10, so it is best to reset all of your abilities before hitting level 10. You can reset your abilities for free while under level 10. ---------------------------------------------------------------- First off, you would want to pick up Tame Beast in the Beastmastery Hunter abilities and tame any pet, really it doesn't matter which pet, I suggest just taming anything that is nearby. The hunter pet is actually the only pet that will provide "Taunt" under level 10 (unlike the Voidwalker which learns it at level 10). This will help your build scale easier as you level up, having a partner to tank the hits of mobs either higher level or multiple mobs. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Next is your main damage source ability, you would want to pick up Arcane Missiles in the Arcane Mage ability page. The reason I like this ability and why its quite powerful is because originally it is a level 8 mage spell however you are able of learning it at level 1! This ability will destroy anything under level 6 with a single cast, hitting for 24 arcane damage 3 times! You are then left with 2 Ability Essence left. Early levels I tend to pick up Spell Mastery for the extra 20% haste making Arcane Missiles cast faster. However above level 7 you may want to unlearn it for another damaging spell such as Fire Blast from Fire Mage for that extra burst to finish off targets. BUILD LINK https://lyfe-support.blogspot.com/2018/08/build-arcane-beastmaster-level-1.html THANK YOU & ENJOY!
  7. Venge-cleave spec, can solo grind, quest, tank, and pvp in it
  8. Life tap all you need for mana. Then pick up w/e heal you fancy-
  9. yea, their just not public lol yes they share CD
  10. 5% Health Increase from Tauren Racial Also bear stamina increase has been nerfed
  11. -15% Damage is definitely not worth it for cats, ideally, you'd get two stat sticks but those benefits don't out weight the penalty. Personally, if you just want to single target farm as a cat with no downtime, I'd go for something like this... 1. Reckoning for the extra attacks which will proc Seal of Light for the healing. 2. Unfair Advantage can proc weapon effects, Flurry Axe for example which in turn proc Seal of Light. 3. The build focuses more on AP increase rather than Damage % Increase simply because of Seal of Light scales with AP. More AP = More Healing. 4. With some decent agility gear you should have around 44%+ Crit, close to 50% range. Crit is great for the Energy gain and Healing. 1. Picking up Abilities that focus on DPS increase, including the Armor buffs for AP conversions. 2. You can also pick up Stealth from Subtlety rogue to gain Overkill permanent buff for more mangle spam. 3. Finishers also turn Regrowth into an instant cast in case you need to clutch. Hope that helps. Enjoy~
  12. LYFE

    Any PvP Healer Build?

    lmao yea thats hella old, "Last edit was on 29 April 2017" Yea so pretty much id go defensive and then decide on what type of heal spells you would want to go for. I generally try to counter what the current meta is, then work on my heal output. I might do a stream for Healing Build discussion, what are general pick ups, what type of healers are out there, etc.. and make an updated guide for healing. At the same time, doing build discussions and guides on stream makes it easier if I had PTR or some kinda access to resets, so I can show rather then just tell.
  13. LYFE

    TG Basic Build Guide

    Now with a video as we go over the spreadsheet and build itself
  14. LYFE

    TG Basic Build Guide

    TG Basics A very basic guide for those interested in using Titan's Grip. This guide is intended for new players wondering which talents and abilities to pick up in addition the spreadsheet will also include customizable options whether or not you would like to PvP, PvE, or simply do solo content. Spreadsheet Guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YwDnpv10uAMaMTHO3-sfAuCudvD0KzddvdETl3N9Oi4/edit#gid=1614276874 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ More Build Guides here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PWJIfDqAzBs85RoeBRtiFgkT4awnjxpXTQGVbmGmzMg/edit#gid=444676355 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/nolyfer

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